Are You Going To Scarborough Fair?

Nope, but I spent Saturday at the Dane County fair with friends and we saw many wondrous things...
Genetically Engineered Headless Oreo Chickens (Cause you don't want anyone looking when you eat that much Oreo!)
Cars that the cave men drove before tires were invented...(Apparently dinosaurs pulled them and there were too many sparks shooting out from the undercarriage when they went really fast so that's why they invented the wheel. It's TRUE! The guy told me! )

My next car (a 2010 Tesla) if I can save up my pennies....

My next car (a 2008 Alpaca) if I can't.... (You know me, I'm actually leaning towards the latter! Seat's cushier and there's more leg room. )

And as exciting as the fair is, it was even more exciting when Steve, Joe and Cam tried to rescue the poor, unfortunate, young man that had become trapped in this giant wooden barrel. They nearly had him out before the police and fire departments arrived. Oddly, rather than continue with the rescue efforts, the authorities invited us to leave the park. I wanted to stay because I heard them talking about some 'incident' on their walkie talkies, but Joey was becoming especially agitated for some reason.
But we couldn't leave without gettin' our pichurs took on the way out. I know we were told to go quickly and directly to the exit, but we needed a little souvenir of our big day out and we don't take no stinkin' orders from The Man!

(That's Joe as "The little Girl" and me as "The Farmer". Don't ask.)

I came home and pulled myself together (I as much as that is EVER a possibility...) and then Ben and I went to play Wii games with my friend, Wee Paddy, for the evening. He's 5 (almost 6... going on 45). My favorite line of the evening was when I asked him to please eat just a bit more of his supper before we began the big competition, and he said (and I quote),
" I find that at my age, I just don't eat that much!..."
I know! He kept me in stitches all night. And even though I'm a couple (:ahem-cough:) o' years older AND I sic-ed Ben on him to lick his toes and distract him, he STILL won almost every game we played! They were all boy games though- Ping Pong, Tanks, Duck Hunting, Fishing, Hockey, Aerial Combat. The only game I smoked him in was wake boarding (A total fluke I know! Have you ever SEEN me swim? I'm surprised the little digitized Wii Coast Guard didn't show up!)
I'm already plotting my comeback though. Next time, I'm bringing my OWN Wii game disk; Lace Knitting, Napping, Chocovine Consumption, Hand Spinning, and Ph.D Herding. Then we'll see who's King Of The Rec Room my friend...then we'll just SEE!
How was YOUR Weekend?


joeytrem said…
MELINDA. . . . . . You got that wrong. . . I was the little girl in the picture and YOU were the farmer! Man. . doesn't that picture mean ANYTHING to you? :)
MollyBeees said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
MollyBeees said…
Duly noted and edited. On a side note...Ha! Ha! Made you say "I was a little girl!"
terri browne said…
How many hours will it take you to come visit us on that 2008 Alpaca??? :)

Looks like you had a great weekend!
Sara in WI said…
You have the funnest times! (Sara McGregor)
Cindy G said…
I want a lace knitting Wii!

Looks like fun. I like the Dane Co. Fair (though it always seems weirder than h*** to go to a country fair in a parking lot.)
Lisa/knitnzu said…
I thought a breeding alpaca DID cost about as much as a new car (though not something as fancy as that Tesla, or that Meschersmidt). I swam in Androscoggin Lake for a bit this weekend, LOVELY. Then sat on the patio and knit. Hard, I tell ya.
The Tesla doesn't have wheels either. Maybe the '57 Messerscmidters had it right. Large animals pulling your vehicle does save on gasoline.
YarnThrower said…
Your Wii games sound way more fun than the ones I end up playing with my kids, and like you, perhaps if I played *your* Wii games I might actually win once in a while...

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