Christmas in July and Coded Messages In the Living Room

I must have been a very, good, girl lately because Christmas came early! I got three, lovely gifts this past week:

This Yankee Candle potpourri burner is from Pat. I looked in on her kitty, Daisy, while Pat was on a business trip last week. It was an awful hardship for me. You know how much I fear and loathe animals. (By all rights, Daisy should have been the lucky recipient of this gift since she had to put up with me snogging and snurgling all over her. There's a tea light in the bottom and a scented oil cake in the top which melts and smells loverly!

Then Blog Buddy and Puppy Mommy extraordinaire, Knitzu from Maine, sent me this lovely pottery mug. I love the chicken one she sent me earlier. Big handle. Just the right size. She said that when she saw the hedgehogs on this one, she knew I had to have it. It came with packets of yummy coffee to try and a bag of milk-boney goodness for the Ben-meister. Awesome!

And friend Jen gave me a jar of her uber-delicious strawberry freezer jam. You'll have to use your 'let's pretend' for this one since I forgot to take a picture when it was all new and pretty-like. Go ahead. Take a minute to picture its-stained-glass-red-sticky-sweet goodness. I'll wait.....I KNOW right? It's not such a pretty picture now though. I think all that's left is a smear on my left cheek. (Burp!) It's indescribably delicious.

Here's something for you to ponder. Normally when I get up in the morning, there are stuffing-less 'road kill' dog toys all over the living room floor. Oh sure, Ben looks like he's asleep when I go to bed, but apparently he's just faking it until I doze off at which point he gets the party started . This morning I got up to THIS:
Now, you have to understand, these dog bones were all in the very bottom of his toy box. He had to remove other toys to get to them, but all of the other stuff was still in the basket. Two thoughts...

#1. This reinforce my belief that he IS playing dumb when I tell him to pick up his toys and put them in the basket each night?

#2. Don't the bones look like they've been put down purposely in some kind of cryptic pattern? Is it akin to crop circles? Stonehenge? 'SOS 'spelled out in coconut shells on the deserted island's beach? (Wilson? Is that you?) If anyone knows a Wind Talker or has the decoder ring for this one, I would truly appreciate it if you could help a sister out. If you could just narrow it down to the ilk of the message that would be great. Is it more of a 'For the Love of Dog (sic), Please Call The Humane Society To Come Get Me Before She Snorgles Me Again' message...or a ' Wanted: Cat Burglar To Open The Sliding Glass Door. You And Me Can Finally Give That Squirrel The Butt Whoopin' He's Been Asking For If You Can Just Get Me OUT OF HERE!' kinda thing? Do you think I should be concerned? I'm kind of afraid to go to bed tonight....

What does it mean, People?!?!? What does it mean!?!


terri browne said…
I'll show it to Brinkley and get back to you. Maybe he can decode the message!
Cindy G said…
Hmmmm, looks like a runic incription to me. Bently got any Norski blood in him?
Lisa/knitnzu said…
Also looks like maybe Korean??? Is Ben a Korean dog????? hahahahahaha!!! Glad you like the hedgies.
chocolatesheep said…
"So long, and thanks for all the Milk Bones"?
It's a lace pattern of course. I hope you can come to knitting camp this year. It's coming up on Monday late afternoon until Wednesday early afternoon. You kin set for a spell with usn's, cain't ya?
Barb said…
Maybe dance steps for a doggie hokey-pokey? Oh, but wait, my word verification is "emenobe"...that could be something, couldn't it? :o)

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