Just Another Weekend In The Hood

It was an unusual weekend for me (and that's saying sum'pin ain't it?!?). I didn't uber-schedule myself and yet I was on fast forward. Turns out that lack of plans plus sudden power surges equals nest cleaning. Usually I find that housework is seriously detrimental to my knitting...and reading...and hiking....and running around like a chicken gettin into all sorts of trouble..time, so I just don't do it. Then I have a day like yesterday when I manage to pick up, clean, sterilize and hermetically seal the place all is one 'swell foop' as it were.

But I did schedule in a little fun time for Saturday. I met up with this mysterious man of intrigue...

Surprise it's young Teddy Roosevelt!

And one of his Rough Riders!!!

(and their mom Chocolate Sheep) for lunch at The Ear. The menu was juice boxes, lattes, a cookie, caramel and gum. Teddy and the gang are very much like myself. They crave the adventure. The thrill. The adrenalin. The unusual. So we spent some time petting stingrays and stuff in the afternoon. No cute 'n' fuzzy bunnies for us!

This guy truly loves to be petted. Unfortunately the gang (myself included) were all too...um... 'vertically challenged'... to reach into the bottom of the tank so we petted him vicariously through a taller adventurer in the pet store....er....that is to say...the wilds of...um...wherever it is that sting rays live.

It's sad to think that we couldn't wind up the day on the rides at Six Flags because none of us are 'this tall' and therefore aren't allowed on any of them, so we amused ourselves running up and down the wheelchair ramp outside the pet store until it was time to go home. [Note: See 'juice boxes, lattes, cookies, caramel, and gum' above.] That's right. That's how we roll. We ain't called no stinking 'rough riders' for nothin'!

Since I had such a relatively normal June Cleaver Sunday, the Universe has decided to bless me with an amusing Monday to take up some of the slack. The new neighbors were running around outside in their underwear at 7:45 AM for no apparently reason. They are adorable guys but the drawers are smiley face boxers so I'm not sure how I feel about the whole thing, but it was certainly entertaining and a fine way to kick off the week.

And the city of Madison has sent its finest workmen out to repave my street. My street is very short and yet there have been signs posted that say they will be paving for over two weeks. Now I know why. At 8AM sharp they showed up:

It's been two and a half hours and this is the progress they've made so far. They've kicked the tires on the machines. They've milled around like baby ducks on crack. They've had coffee. They've admired each others boots. And all the while, this poor guy has been continually trying to keep the back end of whatever that thing is from floating off into space (click to biggify). I'm thinking two weeks isn't even in the ball park at this rate.
Even Ben gave up growling and looking menacingly out the sliding glass door and went back to napping on his chesterfield. It's too bad his Mum puts that stupid dog bed up there, so he has to curl up in the corner. She must not love him very much.
Well, my break is over. Back to work. No rest for the wicked.
How was your weekend?


Cindy G said…
That's so funny that Ben stays off his special bed. Maybe he thinks he's being good by not messing it up (?)
Lisa/knitnzu said…
The sheepy bed is HOT mom, dontchaknow? Clearly your new neighbors knew about the street repair guys coming...
MadCityMike said…
Maybe the new neighbors are related to the groomsmen that Don and I saw last weekend on the Capitol steps having their photo taken.....they all were clad alike wearing red, white, and blue, stars and stripes boxer underwear.....or, perhaps it is resurgence of a mild (read "dull") form of "streaking"?
Mo said…
Those cowboys are adorable! I would like a pair of my own to borrow and spoil with fun and adventurous day trips then happily return them to their lovely parents. I'm also very glad to see Ben resting. I hope he is healing well.
LOL at the guy on the big yellow thingee. Must be a new guy. Construction crew hazing--why, of course.