Wisdom Wednesday

So many lessons from this wonderful week:

  • If your 4 year old is running, strip stark naked, down the sidewalk towards a busy highway, and you're yelling "Tanner! Stop! Right! Now! I'm! Going! To! Spank! You!", you'd better be faster than Tanner because this tactic is not going to be very effective. [His Mom sounded so mad, I was yelling "Holy Crap! Run! Faster! Tanner! Run!]. You can catch more flies with honey...

  • If you hold a hedgehog, you will reallyreallyreallyreallyreally want one. Molly Bee's First Law of Animal Holdage.

  • Every single person you meet every day has something to teach you. Given enough time and thought, the gift of the lesson will be revealed to you. It's not always a warm fuzzy lesson. Some people are just put in your path to be a horrible warning!

  • If you are waving a Frisbee over your head and repeating in a goofy voice, "Doyouwantthis?Youdodon'tyou?YouwantthisFrisbeedon'tyou?!??!" to an 80 # dog and you wind up on your butt in the mud covered with scratches...Yep, he wants it. If you ask a question, make sure you really want to know the answer.

  • I've been kinda bummed about having to pay another $650 dental bill tomorrow. Today I was pleasantly surprised by an unexpected windfall that pays that bill and leaves me $100 to spare! The Universe will answer your prayers.

  • Given that turn of events, I talked to the Universe about giving me a hedgehog. Sometimes the answer is 'no'.

What have YOU learned this week?


kmkat said…
I say you should go with the hedgehog thing. They don't eat yarn (at least I think they don't), they don't need to be walked, and they never get big enough to knock you down. What's not to like?
MadCityMike said…
That you, Ms. Molly Bee, never, ever lose your sense of humor! ;)
I think you could brush your hair with one of those hedgehogs, or maybe defuzz a sweater.
Linda L. said…
I love your humorous take on life lessons :) May I share mine?
This week I learned that when you have a tire blow out on the Interstate, your car does not launch itself into the air, do a pirouette mid-flight, go over a cliff and explode in a cloud of fire and dust. (Lesson: Knight Rider & The A-Team are not real life.)
Cindy G said…
If you got a hedgehog, it would fit in your knitting bag. Just sayin'.
DPUTiger said…
I learned that The Universe was right (as always) when I didn't get what I thought was my dream job three years ago. After a four-day volunteer gig at that very same place, it was proven that I would have been miserable working there. Yay, Universe!

(and yeah, the hedgehog was damn cute. He had to be tough to resist!)
Terri Browne said…
I learned that if you leave a naked baby in your living room, even just for 10 seconds so you can let the dog outside, he will poop on the carpet...then step in it to grind it in real good. :(

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