Monday, March 22, 2010

Is That A Hedgehog In Your Pocket...

My life has been an embarrassment of riches recently both of the material and the spiritual variety. The material goods started rolling in when I won this little bit of heaven at the Knit In a couple of weekends ago:

Friday night at Knit Night. I received this from Beth "Chocolate Sheep":

Oddly enough, it's a chocolate sheep! Just the pick-me-up I needed after a particularly trying day at work. He's destined to hold stitch markers and counters methinks. Knit Night was another huge blessing. There's nothing like being with the Hoggen Bloggers to pull you out of a funk. Very special ladies each and every one.

On Saturday, this Care package arrived from Knitzu.

I won a drawing over at her blog. She sewed this lovely needle case and sent it stuffed with treats- maple candy and 'moose poop' (chocolate covered cranberries) for me, and Milk Bones for Mr. Ben. She also sent a wonderful card containing a couple of tufts of fur from the two pups I keep at her house; Gracie and Zuzu. I don't know who went more bonkers over the whole works-Ben or me!

I went out to the farm yesterday for another day of knitting demonstrations and communing with the new babies.

Nothing is more soul-restoring in my life than either spending time by any body of water or cuddling animals of any size, shape or species. After this weekend my soul runneth over.

I got to actually this lambie. It's not a great picture, but he's my guy.

He was a real snuggler. He'd put his little front legs over my shoulder and lean his ear next to mine and sleep. After 20 minutes, they had to physically pry him away from me under the guise that he had to eat or some such nonsense. In order to get me to let him go, they held out a Grand Pyrenees/St. Bernard mix puppy to me. Yep. That'll do it! He was about the same size as the lamb and awful sleepy-talk about a cuddle bug. All too soon it was back to his proud mama for a snack so I traded him in for one of these little guys:

Oh. My. God. I SO want one of these adorable little fellas now! Talk about a perfect pet! They don't make any noise, don't smell funny, are litter box trained and love to curl up in your sweatshirt pocket. If I didn't think Ben would think he was a crunchy little treat, I'd have one right now!

So all in all, I've been a very lucky little girl this past week; riches upon riches. Keep your eyes and your heart open and you get what you need....and sometimes a lot extra!


Mel said...

Who says hedgehogs don't make noise? Try pissing one of them off.

Terri Browne said... hedgehog is too cute!

Michelle said...

You have been blessed, and all the more so for recognizing it. And you actually KNOW Beth? We used to be blogpals - back when she BLOGGED (cough) - and I have been the recipient of one of her lovely little gift boxes. Tell her I miss her blog posts!

Anonymous said...

Nothing cheers up my day than a blog post filled with animals!

MadCityMike said...

Once again, a very fine, fun filled, post. Not sure how you're able to keep up and stay sane with the social life you lead, but more power to ya!
I'm "thinkin" that I will be calling Ray and seeing about being "Demo Man" next Sunday. It'll mean having a weekend schedule similar to yours (crank in all day Saturday), but since it will only happen this once........

Cindy G said...

OMG! Hedgehog! Squeeeee!!!!!

Lisa/knitnzu said...

Hedgehog? WHOA! Pretty cool and very cute. Glad you liked the pkg.

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