Reader Beware: Unusual Fiber Content!

Unusual in the sense that I rarely seem to post much about fiber-related stuff these days and unusual in the sense that I am now knitting naked sheep and then making 'clothes for them. (Oh, stop feigning shock. We all knew this day would come!) Here goes! Recently I:

  • Spun up this bit of loveliness (and taught myself to Navajo ply-look out world!):
  • Washed and packed up all of my hand knit socks. Winter is officially over at my house!
  • Washed and dried all of the winter spinning in the spring breeze:
  • And started spinning this Eastery mess:

  • And the piece de resistance...(Warning! Nudity! Send the chilluns from the room and steel yourself for the following images!)
A two inch high pocket sheep!

A two inch high NAKED pocket sheep! (Don't say you weren't warned!)

A woolly coat for a two inch high naked pocket sheep.

What have YOU been knitting?


Anonymous said…
::sigh:: You have eighteen (18!) pairs of hand-knit socks.
dale-harriet said…
LOVE IT! Did you get that lady to part with one o' her wee sheepies...or do you have a PATTERN?? Being as you're the queen of teetiny knits (written while admiring my itsy red mitties), if you DO have the pattern, would you consider a First-Born Son in trade???
Elizabeth said…
Such a wealth of fibery productivity! Baaaa!
Lisa/knitnzu said…
OOooooh, love the little sheepie! And I can't believe all the hand knit socks you have, yowza!!
Kitty Mommy said…
Woah woman, that Navajo plied is gaw-geous!

What am I kntting? Oh, you know, the heads without bodies. Nekkid sheepses? Practically normal.
Vicki said…
I am jealous of your stash of socks! On occasion, mine have been known to take a walk-about to minime's stash. So, no matter how many I make, my pile stays the same.:)
I too want a hedgehog!!!!! There is a little Jan Brett in all of us. (If you need a tutorial, I will be happy to oblige)
DPUTiger said…
Holy cow, you've been busy!

Wanna come over and weed/flip my closets and drawers next? I desperately need to do that.

Verification word: "pouting" I think that's what I'm doing because I refuse to make time for the above chores! ;-)
As always, I am in admiration by your whirlwind of activities. A life well-lived, it seems to me. I especially respect the care you take of your socks.