Monday, March 15, 2010

My Implants Are Fabulous!!!

That is to say implant…singular. (I oughta get some weird search hits on that title though, huh?) I went to the dentist to have the bone graft I got installed in December checked. It’s solid so this Thursday I embark on the journey to getting all of my teeth back. I still won’t get the actual implanted tooth for 6 more weeks but at least we’re headed in that general direction after all of the hurry up and wait of the last three months!

Had a fabulous weekend as I knew I would. The Knitting Guild Knit In at The Bishop O’Connor center was wonderful. I parked my tookus in a quiet little nook overlooking a serene little courtyard and knitted the day away.

And shopped. My favorite purchase? A pin that says “If knitting was exercise, you could bounce a quarter off my a**! “. And I won a fabulous door prize; a skein of (60% merino, 20% alpaca, 20% silk) bulky single ply that feels like snuggling a cloud. And get this…the color…Iced Violet!!!! It’s like the Knit Gods were watching!

Speaking of God. He apparently saw fit to smite this tree in the courtyard sometime recently. I took it as a sign to watch my Ps and Qs while over at His house. I did pretty well…except for buying a pin with a swear word on it and all.

Sunday I went out to the farm to knit during the Lambing Open House. I got there early and was able to snog and snuggle all of the sheep and lambies before the ravenous hordes descended.
This little guy (below) would definitely fit in my knitting bag but I restrained myself in case God was still keeping His eye on my from Saturday.
(You've gotta click on this one to really do!)

I sat next to a lady in the demonstration room who had a knitting machine that was built in 1820-something. I was armed with only my trusty double points. I finished a sock leg on a toe up and one on a top down between 10-4 yesterday (as well as a little bit on the entrelac scarf) and she went home with nothing. Things got tangled and skipped and missed and sworn at over there. I was amused. She would tell visitors, “This is a sock knitting machine from 1820.” Then people would come over to me and I’d point at myself and say, “This is a sock knitting machine from 1965.” Yeah. We’re thinking about taking our act on the road.

No lambies were born yesterday. I guess they’ve been keeping the farmer up nights instead. But when I got there yesterday there were 3 little chickies in the incubator in our room and when I left there were 7 so there was birthin’ of some sort going on. And these little guys were less than a week old as well. (Notice the 'ghost orbs' in the photo. Actually I'm sure it's dust since I was in a BARN! I watch WAY too much Ghost Hunters on SciFy!)

Hopefully next Sunday there will be a little more action! I’ll keep you posted!


Terri Browne said...

The lambs are adorable! Makes me want to go to the state fair...and eat cheese curds. How many points in cheese curds? I don't think I want to know!

Linda L. said...

Dang, that tree looks like God just reached down and snapped it like a toothpick.

You sure those ghost orbs aren't fiber fairies? I heard they travel in glowing bubbles, like Glinda the Good Witch, only smaller...

p.s. I heard there were two asses on the ark, so I think you're covered.

Mel said...

Hooray for good bone grafts! I insisted on good drugs when I got mine, and I hope you did, too. Had three sets of hands in my mouth for two hours (teaching hospital), and I needed the drugs to stave off the claustrophobia panic.

Cindy G said...

Aw, thanks for all the baby animal pics - too sweet

MadCityMike said...

Sunday "may" be a possibility, but not sure. I'll contact you prior to then "if" I call Ray. :)
Looks like a lot of fun, too!

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