Sugar Camp Spin In 2010

I held a Spin In on Saturday. Lynn, Elizabeth, Jen and Mary came by before lunch. We started out with snacks and copious amounts of tea and then began the spinning and knitting.

Jen was the Drop Spindle Diva:
She even Navajo plied some at the end of the day. ON THE DROP SPINDLE. I know. The very concept made my head hurt too!

Elizabeth and Lynn worked the wheels"


And Mary plied the needles:

After a bit, we took a break and went to lunch at Joey's Seafood. I highly recommend this place. Their scallops are YUM! You can imagine what kind of group we were; our waiter, 'Tyler' came to our table and the first thing he said was. "Well, THIS looks like trouble." Once again our reputation precedes us!

We came back after lunch and started in again. We put Bridget Jones' Diary in the DVD player so at least I was way less productive what with Colin Firth on and all. I must have gotten something done because my hands started to ache and I put up the wheel and took up knitting at some point (I think it was around the time Firth threw Grant out through the restaurant window...le sigh!).

Lynn and Elizabeth and to leave around supper time, but Jen, Mary and I ordered a Papa Murphy's thin crust chicken, artichoke pizza and it was delish! Then more knitting and spinning while we watched Bridget Jones : The Edge of Reason and discovered that there is no such thing as Colin Firth overload!

Ben was in his glory all day with all the new folks to love. He behaved pretty well and wasn't too pushy for a change. He kept the drool to a minimum except when he and Mary were playing tug of war over Stinky Skunk. Mary was so cute. She got a dinner napkin so wrap her end of Stinky, because in this case he was also Slimy Skunk. Ben was so exhausted when everyone went home that he made ME tired so we hit the hay and left the cleanup for this morning.

All in all it was an uberfun day. Mark your calendars! The weekend after Valentine's Day next year is Sugar Camp Spin In 2011!


Kitty Mommy said…
Completely awesome day!
MadCityMike said…
I was exhausted just looking at the photos! I'm happy to hear that it was a fun and productive day. Maybe next year.........
Elizabeth said…
Thanks for an awesome day! And thanks to Ben, too, for being such a wonderful host-dog.