Saturday, February 06, 2010

I TOLD You He Was Smart!!!

Sweet Willie Browne is an exceptional child. He solved the communication problem we were having when I visited and has also found a cure for the common cold! I got this directive from him earlier this week when I was a little under the weather. I'm all better now! The child is a genius I tell you! And a cuter genius there never was.

I splurged and got myself a think pad mini lap top thingie (that's it's technical name) just before I went to Minneapolis last weekend. I was inspired to do so after watching Dale Harriet and her faithful companion 'Hermine' at Knit Night. So handy. So cute. So wee. To demonstrate what my friends call my 'Amish-ness', I didn't turn it on first thing. No, instead I ran around playing "Let's See Its Size In Relationship To This' for 15 minutes before I settled in with it. Here are my favorites.
Small size navel orange.

Next to the 'lap top' I bought for William

I've only had it a week and have had no help with it and I have already learned to scam wireless connections from my neighbors and play games on it. Amish. Puh!
As far as Finish It February goes, I finished these socks for William:
as well as the second Irish Hiking Scarf I had going. This one is out of Caron Simply soft and is so nice and cuddly. Day and night from the Ninja Death Scarf. This one wouldn't make as effective a weapon though.

Ben has had enough of taking care of my snot-laden self this week and wouldn't model it, so I just put it on the floor with the two sides together so it looks weird, ahem...that is to say...'artsy'!
I ventured out to supper with a friend tonight. I still sound like Kermit The Frog but it's a step up from the dulcet tones of Bea Arthur I demonstrated on Wednesday and Thursday and the clicks and beeps I was left with on Friday. I figured I was no longer contagious and needed to get out of the house for a bit. Went to Uno's for lobster rolls which sounds really really wrong but tasted very very right. Especially since I've been living on cough syrup and Sprite Zero all week. I was out about 90 minutes and that was enough. I'm pooped and ready to settle in. Off to work on my entrelac scarf and watch a movie. Have a great Saturday night!


Terri Browne said...

what beautiful socks to keep our genius son's toes warm on these cold hardwood floors!

Cindy G said...

That is one real cutie patootie!

the mini notebook thingy, too.

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