Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Snowmaggedon and Snowpocalypse? Maybe So!

The East Coast is claiming we must be closing in on The End Times since it hasn’t snowed this many inches in some of those areas since records started being kept. I scoffed, thinking them wussies for thinking The End Was Nigh over a few inches of frozen rain. Then this morning I was awoken by an EARTHQUAKE and I’m beginning to think that the Right Hand Coasters may be onto something! About 1 minute before 4:00 AM Ben started whimpering and whining. I got it together enough to ask him what was wrong and then the shaking started. It was a 4-point-something centered in DeKalb, IL so it wasn’t much, but I live in the dead-solid-center of the upper Midwest, not exactly earthquake territory, so it was definitely notable! Immediately after the shaking stopped, Ben turned around 3 times, threw himself down on the bed, sighed heavily and went back to sleep. I took that to mean that the worst was over and yet, I laid awake for another two hours until the alarm went off. No aftershocks. Interesting start to the day.

My work day didn’t conform to my usual Rain Man schedule either since we had a Corporate Quarterly Meeting and other one-offs popped up here and there all day. The day ended oddly too. As I was cleaning off my desk preparing for tomorrow, I picked up a little plastic card, that I have at my desk, that says “12 Rules to Improve Your Attitude”. It’s one of those feel good little trinkets you get a seminars. I look at it A.LOT. depending on the day. Today, it promptly sliced my right fingertip wide open. The card says to ‘Read Daily’. I don’t think my body could withstand the blood loss. All in all it’s just been a weird ol’ day for a day that isn’t even Monday.

I’m going to push through and try to end the rest of the day in my normal OC way; grocery shopping (double coupon day!), salad supper (the grocery salad bar rocks!) and knitting (Finish it February-Intarsia Scarf). Hopefully there will be no further bloodshed, I won’t have to refer to my notes to maintain a positive attitude and normalcy will be restored. I’d hate to have to fit in being on the lookout for horsemen on top of my already busy schedule. Maybe I’ll duck and cover just in case.


DPUTiger said...

Even when you're used to snow, getting most of 24" overnight and losing power for 36 hours just isn't fun. I shoveled Round 2 around lunchtime today, then decided I was finished until tomorrow, whether it snowed more or not (it did).

I'm a little miffed at myself because I feel like I haven't enjoyed the storm(s) to its fullest extent. But that's because Hubby is on the bench with a broken collarbone, so I can't be mad that he's not helping with much. Oh well. Things will melt soon enough!

Cindy G said...

What!??? We had an earthquake? And I missed it? I'm closer to DeKalb, how did I sleep through that?

Sus said...

SE Wisconsin makes the second place I've moved away from just before an earthquake. Hmmmm.

YarnThrower said...

The year I moved to Fort Wayne IN there was an earthquake there. It felt and sounded like a train was driving on the roof of my apartment building...and actually, that seemed more plausible to me than an earthquake... I hope your evening improved and no more bloodshed on positive attitude cards!

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