A New Ice Age is Coming. Bring A Sweater!

A week ago, it was so hot we were all melting and running down between the cracks. Then as soon as it arrived, the heat wave was over. The temperatures dropped 35 degrees and stayed there. There was a three day stretch where I saw nary a tube top or a flip flop. Friends up north insisted that the leaves were turning. Even this little birdy that had only hatched a week ago, accelerated his growth in order to fly south sooner than anticipated.

And as if I needed one more sign that the end times were nigh and the glaciers they were a'coming, I looked out the front door and there was a polar bear in my front yard!

This is the aptly named "Bear". He is visiting next door. He's cleverly disguised as a Grand Pyrenees to try and fit in with the city folk, but when he jumped up on me, I conservatively estimate that he weighs somewhere in the neighborhood of 850 pounds-too big for a dog. And I distinctly got a whiff of penguin on his breath. Or maybe it was baby harp seal. Anyway. Doesn't matter. I know a sign when I see one. Obviously the Ice Age is nigh. Time to finish that cable sweater I've been working on and stock up on Swiss Miss!

Before the snow covers them up, Mr. Ben and I toured the neighborhood to enjoy the sudden bouquet that has bloomed in every available green space. I don't know diddley about 'real' flowers in gardens and such, but I do so love me the 'weeds' that grow in the fields and ditches:

Queen Anne's Lace


Butter and Eggs ? Sweet Pea? Anyone?

Well, at least we'll have the photos to remember them by after the snow snakes and polar camels move in. Off to get to that knitting I mentioned. You might want to consider finding your woolies too!


dale-harriet said…
It's TRUE, it's TRUE! But...do not despair, ma chere amie. Remember the State Motto: "Pass the sauerkraut." No. Waitaminnit. It's "GO PACKERS!". Nope....lemme see..."Where's da biffy?" Uhmmm "Is it soup yet?" Nerhhm....Ya wan' some lutefisk?" {{sigh}} WAIT, I got it!!:
"If you don't like the weather, WAITAMINNIT!" Yeah, that's it. Don't get yer parka out just yet.
Mel said…
That last one looks like it may be yellow clover. Definitely a legume.
Bridget said…
What a great dog!

I have to admit that I would rather have an ice age than a global warming age ...
Cindy G said…
Wonderful pictures! And, yeah, the weather has been wierd.
We had the same weather. It was rainy too, only it never did rain. That's just annoying.
Lisa/knitnzu said…
jah, mel's right... yellow clover.
Knit like the wind! (That's no Sammy-dog; they have perky ears. Looks more like a Great Pyr.)