Busy Banana Bread Bee

I got a tattoo. That’s right. I said it. A tattoo. I’m on a rebellious spree. First the purple shoes and now this. Don’t try to stop me. I’ll take you down with me. Straight down the road to ruin, mayhem and debauchery, I tell ya! Er... OK. So It’s only a henna tattoo. And it’s a cute little dragonfly. But it’s right on the back of my hand for all of the world to see! For the next 4-24 days. At least that’s what the lady said. It used to have glitter too, but I took that off because I thought it was overkill. Here is my friend getting one on her hand too. What a pair or rebels!

Friend D and I went to the Mt. Horeb Art Fair on Saturday where we sampled Norwegian pastries, got our hands hennaed and bought fancy shirts. It was a lot of fun despite the cool temps and sprinkles. Lots of jewelry this year. Every other booth was beads. And I didn’t buy any. I know. It’s the first sign of the apocalypse. The second would be me getting an real tattoo!

I was a Busy Bee yesterday, cooking, cleaning, spinning and knitting. I got the second sock done for this pair.

And sock number one finished for this pair.

I finished a bobbin of singles from the beautiful roving that Aaron and Terri gave me.

And the industrious domestic streak continues. Today some lady brought in a TON of ripe bananas and set them out for everyone to take. Not one to look a gift monkey in the face, I grabbed 6 and planned on making banana bread tonight.I have a killer recipe that calls for applesauce instead of the oil. YUM! Thought I'd make several loafs and freeze some. But I just looked them over and they are not quite ripe enough yet. Maybe tonight or tomorrow. Let's hope my momentum is still up when they finally ripen to the point I want!
As for tonight: another bobbin of singles or the other sock? That is the question...


I don't think I could give up my banana bread recipe with real butter. It's definitely not diet food, but oh, so good! LOVE the singles; glorious color. And here I am still crawling along on my second pair of socks -- my first adult pair. You must knit FAST!
Marilyn said…
Socks are cool. Hope I get to see you while you are home. Have a great time anyway.

I've used applesauce in place of grease in cakes and it works very well. Can you knit a whole sock in one evening?
aaron browne said…
speaking from experience here, i've heard the bread is best if you don't forget to add the bananas... just a friendly thought for what it's worth...