The Good The Bad and The Ugly

Work has been a bear this week. I've spent the majority of my time moving a couple hundred PowerPoint presentations from Windows Front Page to Windows SharePoint. Some of the ppt.s were over 10 years old and the next best thing to being carved into a stone table. A stone tablet that didn't want to move to SharePoint. Bah! Lots of dinkin' around. FrontPage was so intuitive, easy to use, and adaptable. SharePoint...not so much. We've moved away from a program where you could make visual differentiations and use a little creativity to a program that is a glorified laundry list of document to scroll through. I know there is always angst with change but I'm usually all for the new programs and technology. This time it just seems like a big step backwards. Yet again, the Powers That Be didn't consult me early enough in the planning process. As you can see this whole thing has made me a little crankypants but that said, I should be wrapping things up tomorrow and can get on with my normal life again.

One thing that helped me with the angst this week is this photo which friend Terri sent on down from Minnesota. It's my favorite grandson William. How can you not smile when you see that face!

And here's another thing that makes me happy. This is my BubberKev, his new bride Shiela and her daughters. He's got a great life now and is happy-yadda yadda yadda. Nut the important bit is that on July 13th I got a new sister and three new nieces! It's all about ME!
In between social engagements and chores, I've been carving out an hour each night to watch the Torchwood miniseries on BBC. It SO exceeds my expectations which were high to begin with. The Universe knew that allowing me to watch Captain Jack every night this week and capping it off with a new Doctor Who on Saturday would keep me from plunging from the dangerous ledge that has been my week!

I've also devoted that hour to finishing the bits and bobs of socks I've got going. Just turned the heel on the next to last pair . I've got those going, a pine needle breadbasket, spinning and my swirly scarf but I still want to start two new projects-a baby surprise jacket and a Moon River scarf. I will NOT give in to temptation, but it's killing me!!!

Anyway, off to vacuum before Torchwood comes on. Here is a gratuitous cute dog picture. This is Fritz, Ben's buddy. He's the one that got Ben 'Stinky the Roadkill Skunk'. He's got a haircut right now, but when his hair is long, he looks just like a movie star dog. Say it with me...AWWWWW!


Gosh, that William of yours has grown so much. He looks so mature now. Congrats on the new family members.
Lisa/knitnzu said…
Yeah, that Fritz, he sure looks like a trouble maker!

I'm heading to stinkin' lincoln in about half an hour or so... and it's raining raining raining, with the bulk of the rain coming as I leave.

Grandson? As in vicarious grandson, right? Of course it's all about you, when it's not all about me anyhow.
MadCityMike said…
Good to see you're keeping busy! Whew! What a whirlwind life you have. I can't imagine how busy it will be when you retire (not that you are able to do that anytime soon, youngin' that you are.....)! ;)
Have a fun time with the Baby Surprise Jacket. I shipped the two I knitted for my "soon to be born grand daughter", to my son and daughter in law yesterday, so am anxious to hear from them....possibly as soon as tomorrow.
Hope you can get some rest this weekend. ;)
Charlotte said…
I have a dog like that :D