Another busy weekend at Chez Bee! Saturday morning found us up at 6:30 for an hour and a half walk before Ben’s vet appointment. I was hoping to turn what amounts to a Tasmanian devil on the end of a leash into a dignified well behaved dog for his monthly mani-pedi. He get SO excited he makes a fool of himself. Well, the walk did it, he was so pooped he just laid on the floor until everyone thought that there was something wrong with him. He got beaucoup de treats too so I think a lot of it was him faking exhaustion to work that angle.

Saturday afternoon knitting was fun despite the curiously missing Mrs. Sable. Just Kitty Mommy and Mousy Linda and I. I finished the striped Socketta socks and cast on a new pair of Treks. Saturday night was devoted to work although it was a bit tricky since my computer got ‘the vap-ahs’ literally and went belly up on me. I’ve narrowed it down to an overheating problem. Will blow it out with canned air again tonight and investigate further.

Sunday I went with a friend to Olbrich to see the blooming butterflies. It was sooooo cool! The display boxes before you go in the conservatory were AMAZING. So many shapes and sizes and all of the rich colors were incredible. They have been releasing 1,000 butterflies a week in the conservatory. We saw quite a few and the monarchs were their normal friendly selves landing on our shirts. I was disappointed that they didn’t have more tropical species, just the garden variety ones mainly, but they sure were beautiful in amongst all of the tropical plants.

On Sunday evening, I saw something drop on my patio. I investigated and found that it was the feathery liner from the barn swallows nest in the eaves on my patio. It had two eggs in it and so I went and dug out my little stepladder and tried to slip it back in the nest since the mom and dad swallow were freaking out. No way could I reach it, so I went to the neighbors and borrowed Jason’s tallness to come over and replace the eggs. He did and all was well with the world. I was feeling pretty special about being able to help Old Ma Nature out….Until I saw the swallows dig the liner out again and fly off with it. Apparently the eggs weren’t viable and they were doing a bit of housekeeping. What I mistook for parental anguish over lost eggs was actually little birdy outrage at the dumb humans that has essentially dumped the vacuum cleaner bag back in the middle of their just cleaned nursery floor. Guess they figured that they’d better lug it far enough off so that I couldn’t find it to replace it again. Mama is back in there today so I’m guessing there are other eggs in there. When am I ever going to learn?

Today I met my new neighbor Brody. He’s a teeny, tiny blue heeler puppy that belongs to the neighbors behind me. He was putting up quite a fuss this morning and so I nabbed his Dad when I saw him stop home at lunch and offered to check in on the wee lad when he gets too rowdy. He fits in the palm of one hand. How much trouble can he be? LOL

And today it’s back to work where I’ve been creating madness and mayhem by placing a bunch of firecracker chocolate (dark chocolate with chipotle, sea salt and pop rocks) on the treat table. Unlabeled. It’s pretty good but that first encounter with it is a kicker! Heh Heh Heh! It’s almost gone, once again proving that they will eat anything! Will post butterfly pics when my home computer is up and running!


I just tried chocolate with bacon in it tonight at my knitting group. I will not be bringing any to knitting camp for gourmet s'mores. Yucky.
Cindy G said…
So where did you get that chocolate?

Sorry to have missed Last Saturday, I mean for my sake as much as yours, conflicts two months in a row is the pits.
MadCityMike said…
Good to hear that the Baby Surprise Jacket is going well. I, too, thank the fiber gods/goddesses for that new version of the pattern!