Rollin' Down The Windows and Rollin' in The Dough!

I’ve finally done it! I’ve cracked the code on a million dollar idea! I’m going to be rich! RICH I tell you! For the last few years, humans have used the Wii video unit to simulate tennis matches, hunting, bowling, even dancing and socializing. And now, for the fur baby in your life, I have created…drum roll please…the DOGGIE Wii. Gosh I wish Billy Blanks was still alive. I can almost hear the ad now!

'This miracle of modern technology simulates a roll-the-windows-down-stick-your-head-out-and drool-all-over-the-doors car ride without ever leaving home! !! No danger of falling out the windows!!!No crashing into the wheel wells during unanticipated stops!!! No getting yelled at for bogarting the front seat or for licking the back of the driver’s head!!! No bugs in your teeth or eyes!!!All of the enjoyment of a 60 mile per hour race through the country without any of the dangers!!!'

Pssttt! I’ll let you readers in on the secret. Yes, both of you (Hi Mom!). It’s already in a store near you. It’s just marketed to the wrong audience. My business partner, Bentley and I discovered this miracle product just this week. Our house is either hotter than the hinges of heck, or icebox-cold due to an archaic heating/cooling apparatus, that looks rather like the grill of a Studebaker rammed through my living room wall, coupled with an absence of any sort of cross ventilation. Yesterday I bought a 20 “ box fan and parked it in the sliding glass door. I cranked it up to ‘3’ ( approximately F4-mime-walking-into-the-wind level) in an desperate attempt to entice some cool air in from outside. Immediately said business partner saw the potential. Bentley has been standing a foot away, leaning headlong into the hurricane force gale, eyes closed in bliss and ears flappin’ for two days now. Oh the places he has seen!

The only drawback is the apparent addictive qualities of the unit. Much like a people version Wii. That and the fact that the ride doesn't end at the dog park or PetSmart...but is also doesn't end at the vet or groomers so that argument is a wash. Obviously there are many legalities and considerations to be reviewed. It's still early in the process. Ben and I will work more on it once I can get him away from it long enough to discuss it further. In the meantime we'll go on down to Target and plaster 'Doggie Wii' post it notes on the model we used so you'll know it when you see it! Happy trails!


MadCityMike said… wonder Copper likes lying beneath our ceiling fan.......I just "assumed" she liked getting cool breezes directly on her, now I see that it is inherent to her species to be "in the wind".
Wait til he finds out fun it is to sing songs into a fan.
Cindy G said…
That is so funny!
Mum said…
That's Grammie's boy! Always on the cutting edge!
Now see, you have at least FIVE readers.... :-)
Anonymous said…