Molly Busy Bee

Mad City Mike has brought to my attention the fact that I have been remiss in updating this little folly for about a week now. He asks if I’m leading a dull life these days. Silly Mike. You should know better! I’ve just been an extra busy Bee this week. Work is crazy. Home is crazy. The commute is crazy. It’s lead to more than a few near ‘climb-up-in-the-bell-tower-with-a-semi-automatic’ misses, but it beats the alternative.

A big project at work and an overseas meeting has me pulling double duty these days. I’ve been working quite a few hours on the weekend and evenings to keep caught up.

Last Friday Night was Knit Night. I managed to sit and ‘knit’ (I use that term loosely) for FIVE full hours and got NOTHING accomplished. I didn’t have a brain in my head when it came to reading the pattern, counting, or keeping the stitches straight. In fact I think I may have had to rip out work that was done before I even GOT there, thus I actually left Knit Night BEHIND! But as usually I had a great time with the Hog ‘N’ Bloggers in the Naughty Room, where the cuss words were flowin' and the knittin’ didn’t matter!

On Saturday night I went to a Greek restaurant with friends. Remember those abandoned kittens a few posts back? Well, my friends kept the two boys, Bear and Ro-meow (presumably his last name is 'Catulet') and we played with them for a bit before we left for supper. Super cute little handfuls of fun! And very hard to leave without sticking one in my pocket for later!



Afterwards I went to a party in Cross Plains at a friend’s horse ranch. It was such a beautiful evening and setting, looking out over the fields and valleys. We sat outside and visited until nearly midnight. It reminded me a lot of home, especially after the sun went down and the fireflies started dancing. The barn cats were snuggling. The horse was snickering. The frogs and crickets were serenading. The coyotes were calling to each other from their respective hilltops across the valley. I swear, I could have laid right down in the dewy grass and drifted off. Good friends, good food, fresh country air, and a starry, summer sky. My kinda night!

Neighbor-friends Terri and Aaron are moving to Minnesota tomorrow. )-: I’ve been trying to help out where I can with their little sweet pea, 6 week old William, and Brinkley-the-Uber-Dog while they pack, clean and get ready to go. Apparently I have significant sedative-like properties because this is what dogs and small boys look like in my care...

I sure am going to miss that crew when they leave. It’s been like having family around. They won’t be too far away though. And they can’t get rid of me that easy. They can run but they can't hide!

So, nope Mike, things are as lively around here as ever. Haven’t had much time for knitting and what time I HAVE put to it has been remarkably unproductive (see Knit Night above). I expect things to slow down around here a bit now. The work meeting ends Friday. The nest will be too quiet with everyone gone soon. This weekend I hope to dodge out to the Spring Green Art Fair and then settle in to re-hone my stitching skills and partake of the first DVD of season one of The Black Adder, but you know me, even that won’t be dull! I’ll be better about updating! Promise!


MadCityMike said…
Thankfully you are fine! I'm sure you had all of us worried, not just me. ;) I certainly understand now why you haven't been able to keep us "in the know" definitely have been living in "fast mode". Best wishes!
Molly Bees, good for sleep and so much more. I hate when friends have to move away. sad face. I couldn't enjoy your description of the lovely ranch evening because I had to keep slapping at the mosquitos it conjured.
Kitty Mommy said…
Whew! Sounds like you need Last Saturday Knitting as bad as I do. Does having a hubby with a week off work compete with the international conference? ;o) Hopefully we will both have more mental faculties online than we did at the last Late Night!

WV: redit - what a bookish frog says when you ask him about the book you just finished.