On Mutant Animal Crackers and Being a Grandma

Well, Aaron, Terri and William moved back to their homeland (Minneapolis) on Thursday. They stayed with me for the last couple of nights while they packed their stuff into a pod and cleaned the house. (For those keeping score at home that's three adults, 1 six week old and two 80# dogs in a one bedroom apartment.) It sure was nice to have folks around. They feel like family. The old homestead was awfully quiet on Thursday night lemme tell ya. Ben and I both felt the absence. He misses his spooning buddy, Brinkley. You need someone to snuggle when you sleep by the air conditioner vent after all!
The morning they left I took them out to breakfast. I was paying the check and the waitress said, "Your GRANDSON is just adorable!'. Wow! That took the wind out of my sails! She's lucky she pocketed her tip before she came out with that little gem! I didn't say anything because biologically it IS possible, but Geez! But I guess I could do MUCH worse than having William for a grandson! I'm sure gonna miss that little cuddle bug!

Speaking of grandchildren...they love animal crackers (Oh! How DO you do it Oh Mighty Queen of The Segue?) I was over at World Market today and had a hankering for animal crackers so I got a bag and brought them to Last Saturday knitting to share with my buds. I was bragging that I got them at World Market so they were imported, exotic animal crackers. I flipped the bag over only to find that they were imported all the way from.....wait for it....Pennsylvania! Sheesh! But they were exotic. We opened them up and out tumbled the worst Chernobyl-Three-Mile-Island-Evolution-Gone-Terribly-Terribly-Wrong menagerie I've ever seen. Most of the blobs weren't recognizable...
And the ones that vaguely resembled some sort of animal had extra leg, gills or fins that didn't belong. They were horrifying....but tasty. At least they got that right! Never underestimate the power of Saturday Knitting munchie attacks! One of the girls told a great joke:

A mother buys her little boy a package of animal crackers. He immediately opens them, dumps them out and starts frantically examining each one. When his mother asked him what he was doing he said, 'The box says not to eat them if the seal is broken!'

Anyway, out to turn on TV and monitor the weather situation. Expecting storms and it's dark-ah than the inside of a pocket out they-ah, Deah! Maybe I can finish the rest of the Black Adder DVD I've been working on if it doesn't get too bad. Stay dry ya'll and remember, do not eat if the seal is broken!


Lisa/knitnzu said…
Somebody recently saw showing one of the new interns around and she asked if Gwen was my daughter. Since she's a friend I just gave her a hard time. But inside I was having a total conniption. Because, yes I AM about 20 years (more maybe) older than Gwen. As I am nearly or about 20 years older than Meg. You'd think it wouldn't still rub me raw and angry, but it does...

You should hear me rag on about PA. Right down to the soil is the wrong color. Only two good things I can think of about it. Spring is so lovely with redbud and dogwood in bloom over the hills. And DH's family is there. And I like them well enough, even though he can piss me off.

I had some dream last night about Meg and DH, made me really pissy about all of this.

Wet and dreary and cool here lately!
MadCityMike said…
My Dear Ms. Molly Bee.......I, for one, do not think that you look like you could be ANYONE'S grandmother......unless you were a "frisky" 5 year old.....and I don't "think" that would be biologically possible. The assumptions people make are just WRONG....but they still allow it to come out of their mouths!!!
dale-harriet said…
Chernobyl -- that was OK, it was the two apparently conjoined in some sort of ... odd...oh heck, they were probably just kissing. But yes, the aminal crankers WERE tasty! And the "grandma" bit? Shuttlepox and grindymoors. You're no wise no how no how no kinda grandma-oid, and as someone old enough to be yer mother (in fact, you're my daughter's age) that's nonsense. Unless -- there's something Bentley hasn't told you?
It's hard to bite their heads off first when you can't tell which part is the head. Not to mention the animal crackers were bass ackwards, too.
bobbi said…
there is nothing like grandkids, nothing. not even knitting.