Oh Yeah! I'm A Rock Star!!!

So the cable thingie caused by the mistake in the sweater pattern directions was bothering me. I talked to my knitting guru at work and she said that it could be undone and fixed. I got a little weak in the knees and told her that while I redid a 3 strand cable twist, I didn't feel that I could undo and redo a 6 stitch cable that was wrong from the get-go; twenty or so rows back. She showed me how she would do it and told me that I could call her crying if I needed to, but to give 'er the old college try so I sucked it up, settled in and tried it and I DID IT. Holy crap! Who'da thunk?

Now you veteran knitters are poopooing me because this is old hat to you, but me and some of the frosh crowd are scared to death of cables. They are magical, mystical things. You follow the cryptic directions and use the enchanted little stick thingie and and they just appear....no one knows how. So, Vets, you may want just wander off and grab a cuppa while I prattle on a spell. And Mum, you might want to make yourself a mint julep and get a hand fan because you're about to have the vapors when you get a load of this! Here is my little badly shot photo essay called "Fixing The Big Scary Cable That I Didn't Think Could Be Fixed But Lynn Said It Could So I Tried It and I Did It. I Rock" by me, Molly Bee.

(Be sure and bigify so you can get the full benefit of my truly horrendous photography skills. Why do I insist on doing this crap in the dark?!)

Here we have Exhibit A. The back of the sweater. The pattern was written correctly so the 6 strand cables frame the honeycomb. Unfortunately the two in the front both went in the same direction. What's a girl to do?
That's right! I took 'er clear back to the neck ribbing! Cowabunga!
With a fortifying snort o' Zinfandel (which may or may not have been a good idea, depending on which camp you're in on that kinda thing) I set about twisting the cable the other way round. And guess what! It worked! I didn't call Lynn crying once!
I redid the entire thing with two sock needles and adjusted the tension as I went. 'Cause the sock needles are twos and the sweater needles are sevens. Don't ask me how long it took me to figure that out. Couldn't fathom where all the extra yarn was coming from. So there you have it, if I can do it then ABSOLUTELY ANYONE can.

Oh, yeah and I've been fiddling with Piknik a bit! :-)


I have no idea how you did that and don't WANT to know because I already have a headache from the photos! (And not because they're blurry....)
Lisa/knitnzu said…
Oh yes, you are one rockin brave woman! (I was thinking to tell you the other day, ya know, ya can fix that... but then I wasn't sure how you'd feel about that... so glad Lynn did!). Nice trick w/ the smaller needles. WAY TO GO!!! WOOOO!!!!!
Kitty Mommy said…
Oh yeah! You do rock, woman! I did cable surgery on my fingerless mitts (actually more than once) and carried them around for days, pointing and doing a happy dance.
Elizabeth said…
I would have left it and called it good. But you rock! And it's one less thing to be afraid of.
amy said…
I learned a ton about fixing cables when I did my Cables & Corrugations socks. If I can fix cables several rows down on those things, then anyone can do it on worsted weight!

Way to go, you! :-)
DPUTiger said…
Oops. I'm "Amy" in the previous comment. Forgot I needed to sign out of my "work" gmail account!
YarnThrower said…
That would have bothered me, too..... I mean, I probably wouldn't have noticed it on your sweater, but it would drive me crazy in a sweater I was knitting if I knew it was there. KUDOS TO YOU! Now that you can fix cables, what's next? Maybe some lace? :-)

Your sweater looks great so far, by the way!
dale-harriet said…
I bow in your general direction....*hearing* that it can be fixed, and then even *seeing* that it can be fixed - I would SO be getting vapours. My solution would be to frog the hull durn thang -- which is probably why I avoid such things as sweaters and stick to small projects....now I stand, applauding. OhyesyouDO rock!
MadCityMike said…
You're made of stronger stuff that I am!!! Great job!
Mum said…
All I can say is "WOW" !
Now I can see what you were talking about (in one of your previous pictures.)
You don't have a slight touch of your mother's perfectionism in you do you? (Because I seem to have lost a lot of it somewhere!)
Zinfandel and ripping have never worked for me....but atleast I wasn't as cranky!

Glad you found me on Ravelry! Yes, I love Schaefer yarn too! I'm swatching with Anne a little more to see how a bigger needle works!

On to swtaching and maybe a nice Shiraz!
I've got the vapors!!!!!!!!! Screeeeeaaaammmmmmmmmmmmmmm! I wouldn't have attempted that. Kudos. Take a bow. I dub your cable needle The Intrepid.
Cindy G said…