Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Head and Shoulders Sweater

I'm attempting the Snow Shoe Aran Sweater pattern from Blackberry Ridge Woolen Mill. I've made one other sweater pattern before-Beginner's Top Down Cardigan. I made three of them in fact-one of which actually fit the person for whom it was intended....and the sleeves were almost the same length on both sides too...on at least one of them. Almost. So, armed with this knowledge of, and confidence in, my mad sweater stitchin' skillz, it was obvious to me that my second sweater should be a frickin' Cabled Anne Bosch Extravaganza! 'Cause that's how I roll here on Planet Delusional. I am SO in over my head. But I'm having a great time attempting it and if it turns out to be a misshapen cabledy disaster, well, I shall still wear it proudly. In fact I've tried it on several times already even though it only looks like this:

So far it fits like it was made for me! I must be a natural! This is a photo of the cable pattern from which it gets it's name. Little snow shoe tracks!! Anne is a genius!

Other than that, not much has been happening around Chez Bee. Ben had a friend over this weekend. They spent the whole time snuggling and cuddling and just generally being adorable:

They also 'snuggled' with me Friday and Saturday nights. One slept up against my right side and one against my left. I was pinned and felt mummified but at least I was WARM!

Michelle over at Boulderneigh said the sweetest things about me on her blog and presented me with the Lemonade Stand Award. This came at an especially meaningful time since it seems like I've had to juice them lemons like crazy around here lately! Thanks Michelle!

There are many in my life who are also making the best of what they've got. I'm bequeathing this award to three who are each inspirations:

Mousey Linda who just got laid off last week but is digging right in there to find new work and handling it with her usual aplomb!

Mrs SABLE who's husband is also trying to find work so she is starting her own design/consultant business which she will totally ROCK at...

Dale Harriet who is going through some woes with her family and is learning pinochle rather than collapsing in a heap over it.

I am so fortunate to have such strong, caring supportive women in my life. Your lights shine bright! Keep juicin' those lemons!


Cindy G said...

Oh, a top down Aran with shoulder straps. That is so cool (one of those styles that's been on my "I really should try this before I die" list - but I never have yet). It is going to be gorgeous!

And the award is absolutely 1000% deserved.

Elizabeth said...

You rock Molly Bee! And your cabled sweater will, too.

Mum said...

Beautiful design. You go girl.

Kitty Mommy said...

Sweater is gorgeous so far!

Goggies are adorable all around!

We do run with a pretty awesome group...lemon squeezers and otherwise!!!

WV: prapasin - a paparazzi that moonlights as as assassin?

Linda L. said...

An inspiration? Li'l old me? *blushes* Awww, thanks. sniff Where's the Kleenix?

Really, I feel like a basket case. Though I guess it's a really good looking basket!

(VW = gangis. Is that like the leader of some Asian gang? Gangis Khan?)

dale-harriet said...

When in the company of Merriment (that would be yourself as well as our fellow Hog-and-Bloggers *et al.*, one feels inspired to make lemonade. The Department of TheySay says that this time of year tends towards bleakness in general - "dark before the dawn" and all that. THANK YOU!

My WV is "paemizas" - must be some dessert thing with cinnamon and sugar, I think. I'll take mine warm, with vanilla ice cream.

Kathy Kathy Kathy said...

I, of the I've knitted only one sweater large enough to fit anybody over the age of 18 months school of knitting, think that the sweater so far is awesome. Should you decide to stop with the shoulder band, the sleeves would still match and it would go very nicely with a turtleneck, but not be to hot to wear.

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