Bath Time And Bed Time With Bentley

I hosted Craft Night at my house last night. Two friends from work came by as did KittyMommy. A third friend from work broke her ankle and so she couldn't make it, but sent her beagle, Reddy, instead. She needed a little respite and so Ben provided Doggie Day Care for her pup while we girls sat knitting and visiting. Isn't Reddy a handsome little guy? Just look at those come hither eyes!

First they rough-housed a while:
...and then Ben got down to business giving Reddy a two hour bath which, although it grossed the rest of us out (the slurping-YUCK!), Reddy seemed to enjoy...especially getting his ears done.

After Reddy went home, Ben was exhaused from his efforts-not to mentioned parched and a quart low apparently...he drank an entire dish of water ! Then he had a little sit down on the sofa...

...before settling down for a much deserved nap



Cindy G said…
Well, darn, blogger isn't wanting to let my comment through. Gist of it was, I'm glad Ben had fun, and hope all the crafters did, too.

(now if the original comment shows up twice, I'm going to look like a total dork)
Mo said…
Love Mr. Ben and his little buddy pics!
Have a great weekend Molly Bee!
Lisa/knitnzu said…
And it looks like Ben has all his paws accounted for again! I dated a guy with a beagle (he was from Indiana, and a -gasp-republican, explains a lot), and you should have seen this beagle trying to get it on with my roommate's Irish wolfhound who was going into heat... she wasn't quite there yet, so she kept little beagle in his place! (around her ankles)