Wouldn't You Like To Be A Tigger Too?

I read a review of that book that everyone's raving about, The Last Lecture, and it says that everyday you can choose to be either a Tigger or an Eeyore. I have had way too many Eeyore days lately (like Monday when I had to put my 8-year old bunny girl, Sneakers to sleep-talk about an Eeyore Day! Oy Vey!) , so decided that for the rest of the day I was going to be a Tigger; optimistic, happy and filled with energy. And I was for the most part. I had a couple of tiny Eeyore moments but they didn't amount to much and I was able to transport myself back to Tiggerdom quickly and without the aid of medication. Has my situation changed? No. But my attitude is slowly changing; making it easier for me to make the upcoming transition to being on my own. From now on I'm choosing Tigger days every day.

Tiggerish Things That Happened Today
  • Finished and washed the charity baby blanket (photos tomorrow when it's dry)
  • Finished the charity hat (and started another one-How Tiggerish is THAT!)
  • Had a wonderful visit with my PT whilst he was torturing me on his various instruments of pain.
  • Sold a new quilt computer program that I had never used to a lady who will love it (and gave her the Hancock of Paducha fabric catalog that just happened to come in the mail today -You would have though I'd given her money by the way she reacted).
  • Saw the Jurassic Turkeys again tonight. {I've seen a lot of wild turkeys from afar and they look big but when they are on the sidewalk next to the road, they look T-Rex big! Spectacular!}
  • Saw a wonderful sun dog on my ride home tonight.

It's the little things that make a Tigger happy. Wouldn't you like to be a Tigger too?


Cindy G said…
You go Tigger!

Holy cow, you have your blanket put together already? I've barely started with mine.... got some catchin' up to do.
DPUTiger said…
The Wonderful Thing about Tiggers
is Tiggers are Wonderful Things!
Their Tops are made out of Rubber!
Their bottoms are made out of Springs!
They're bouncy, bouncy, bouncy, bouncy, FUN-FUN-FUN-FUN-FUN!
But the most wonderful thing about Tiggers are that I'm the only one! :)

Randy Pausch was local, so he got a lot of coverage here. Kudos to the guy who squeezed every drop of good out of every second he had!

And I'm glad you're doing better. Go Tiggers!!! :)
MadCityMike said…
Good to hear about your upward momentum....but sorry to hear of your loss, too.
Kitty Mommy said…
Bunny: Oh sweetie, may I just say one big "CRAP" on your behalf? I'm so sorry.

Title and last line: Thank you SO MUCH for the ear worm. I am doomed to have those words running through my head to the tune of the Dr. Pepper jingle for the rest of the day.

Finally: If you need a random Tiggerish boost, try The Llama Song. When the kids start bickering, I turn it on and play it until everyone is giggling.
peaknits said…
Awesome! I need to check this Lecture out - your the second person this week to talk in a "tigger" sort of way about it!