Linuses Blanket

I finally finished my blanket (except for the blocking) for Project Linus. It was 3/4 done and languishing in the basement. All of this Charity Knitting for the Sow's Ear made me remember it again. I really like the pattern. It's crocheted. I've made a couple others as baby gifts for friends. I'll take this one to the Fitchburg Fire Department. They are the drop off for Project Linus.
If any of you are local to Madison, WI and love quilting, I just posted my entire Quilting Magazine collection over on Craig's List ( I won't have room for them in my new place. Thousands of patterns and ideas if you are a quilting addict! And it's a really good deal too! Go on over and look!
I've had pretty good luck selling stuff, that I can't take with me, locally on Craig's List. It's stuff that's a little too nice to put in a garage sale, like my piano keyboard and violin. I've met some really nice folks too. It's a little scary at first, inviting people to your home. But I figure I won't be here that long. They may 'stalk' Mr. Bee after I'm gone but that won't be my problem! :-)
Well, back to the sorting and packing. Tonight's fun? The bathroom vanities and the linen closet. Woo Hoo! Have a Tigger week everyone. After a looooonnnnggg Eeyore weekend, I plan to!


DPUTiger said…
I've had a serious Eeyore weekend as well. That baby blanket is one of the coolest of its genre I've ever seen! Best fishes for a Tigger Week! :)
peaknits said…
Me too - Eyeore weekend... blech. I mean, Eyeore is cute and all, but I need a 1/2 full glass this week:) Go Tigger! That blanket is great! What a generous donation it will be.
Sus said…
Great blanket for Project Linus!! I really like that pattern -- simple but cool. Great job!
dale-harriet said…
Wow MollyBee! Next time my pal Donna is over I am SO going to show her your alphablankie. For MY part, that's the coolest thing I ever did see. And I'm glad to hear about Craig's List, I do believe I may give it a shot too, thanks for the idea. Eeyore? Well...I decided to change out both litterboxes today and it was educational: 1) 50# of used litter is a LEETLE beyond my hefting ability; 2) the DH buys garbage bags too thin to hold used litter; 3) sweeping 50# off the kitchen floor takes longer than you might think. I'm going to knit now.
Elizabeth said…
Such a cute blanket!

Do I have to choose between Tigger and Eeyore? Isn't there a happy medium? Like Christopher Robin? Someone balanced and calm who makes things right and says, "Silly old bear," and such?

I'm probably most like a cross between Rabbit and Owl in real life: the crabby and the know-it-all.
knitnzu said…
Nice blanket! Somebody I know here knits for Project Linus too. Chin up kiddo!