Bullet Proof Baby Blankets and Bad Hair Days

Bulletproof Baby Blanket

I finally finished the hat from heck, and laced the leftover granny squares I had lying around together for a baby blanket or lap robe. Those buggers made one industrial strength blanket, let me tell you. I'm showing it all spread out because it literally won't bend. It's one solid sheet like plywood. Red Heart-bleck. I, as a Yarn Snob, snub thee.
I know, I can't believe it myself, but I am making another hat out of the stuff. This time I am doing it on straight needles like the pattern tells you to instead of in the round. I call the purple hat the "Biblical Hat' because it seemed like it took 40 days and 40 nights to finish. (I used to call it that Damn Voodoo Hat, as some of you at The Sow's Ear can attest, but I changed it.)

I got 6 inches done in 2.5 hours with the new variegated one I started last night. Same pattern...same Red Heart....only using straights instead of circs. Somebody call Ripley's because I don't believe it either! I should be able to finish the thing in another sitting! Don't get it! Does not compute. It's probably one of those physic-type things I slept through in High School.

Today's weather was great. I rode around with the Rapture Roof open and both front windows down. I almost didn't because, while it feels wonderful, it's not really conducive to a good hair day. Then I though, dang it, I'm gonna do it anyway because I have this thing in my purse with lots of teeth that can put all that wayward hair back in place. It worked. The folks at work were none the wiser. The people on the Beltline that witnessed me going 55-60 mph probably thought I looked like Nellie the Wild Woman but so be it. Since every lock was all straight up in the air I hope I at least looked taller. At 42 years old I still haven't given up on the dream that I'll be tall and willowy someday....Could happen. Miracles happen every day.


Anonymous said…
Is that how you get to be taller?? Now I know why I'm so short!!
Just think how warm those little heads will be this winter... red heart or not!
Cindy G said…
Ya know, if you want to feel particularly Tiggerish, you could gel that stand up hair into spikes. That's one the kids in the office probably wouldn't be expecting.....
dale-harriet said…
What a mental image!! I know what you mean about "tall" -- I saw MY BODY TYPE on someone on television today. Just....I didn't remember to adjust the height thing on my order form. Also - guess what, you and I are NORMAL height. (My sisters-in-law and MIL were all between 5' and 5.1) Frank Lloyd Wright, in fact, said "Anything over 5'6" in human height is wasted."
Kitty Mommy said…
The hat ended up surprisingly cute for being such a pain in the patootie!