Wednesday Afternoon Smile

Am almost finished the leg on Mr. Bee’s second sock! I am trying to rush through it so I can make a couple of squares for the Virginia Tech project:

I figured it would be a perfect excuse to try some of the pattern stitches from my new Gansey book and see what I like without committing to a whole sweater with summer coming on. Also I have a class at The Sow’s Ear on May 12. It’s a short one on Multi-Directional scarves. Should be fun!

We are going with friends-D & T. to see Loreena McKennett ( in concert tonight. Can’t wait! I just love her music and we always have a blast with D & T.. Rumor has it there might be violet gelato involved either before or after. It’s all good.

I’ll leave you with a joke my friend-S told me last night as he cut my hair:

Q:What did the bra say to the hat?
A:“You go on ahead and I’ll give these two a lift.”

Boo! I know! But it made you smile didn’t it!


YarnThrower said…
peaknits said…
Violet gelato?? Where can I get me some?! Enjoy your concert...and nice joke - good silly little pick me up! Literally?!