Beware! Camels Aren't The Only Animals That Spit!

I’ve almost finished my second, eight inch square for the Virginia Tech Project. I'm using some beautiful winter-white wool/alpaca yarn that is sooooo soft. I am just knitting background patterns; one has a little checkerboard and the other is seed stitch. I am trying out stitches to see what I will use on my gansey sweater whenever I get to it. I would like to make one square for each of the victim's families, but the deadline is the end of May and I might not have time. I’ll see what I get done. Photos to follow in a couple of days.

I have a short row (multidirectional) scarf class at The Sow’s Ear this Saturday that I am really looking forward to. Liz is one of my favorite teachers. I could probably figure out the pattern myself but I’m too lazy and too social. Afterward, it will take all of my almost nonexistent 'will power' to put the scarf down and continue work on my squares through the rest of the month. Knit Night is next Friday (18th). I usually get at least 5 hours of knitting time in so I should be able to get at least a couple done there.

We had friends over Sat. night and one of them said something interesting. Why do dogs like to hang their head out the car window to catch the wind, but they don’t like to have you blow in their faces? This must have been in the back of my mind when Ben ignored me as I pleaded with him not to run away and join the US Postal Service a couple of days ago. I finally caught him and had him sit. I held his big, dopey face in my hand and said, “Bad Dog! No! We don’t run after people!” All the while he has his eyes turned toward Travis-the-mailman and his magical, little, white, truck. You just know given a half a second he would have been off again. So in a moment of true inspiration, I took a big breath and blew in his face to get his full attention. Well, at least I thought it was truly inspired! He looked startled for a minute…and then…he blew back in MY face! Yup! He narrowed his big brown eyes, looked right at me and issued a big “huff” containing equal parts yucky, dog breath and fresh stringy slobber; which was waaaaaay grosser than what I did to him-even if I had just had tuna for lunch! Yeah! This is what I’m dealing with, People! A dog that’s smarter than me, that apparently has a vengeful streak, doesn’t put up with any crap and has an unlimited supply of drool to use as a very effective weapon. Even though it was disgusting, I quickly got over the shock, and started laughing thus losing what little credibility and authority I might have imagined I had.

It begs the question; who’s teaching what to whom? The whole experience taught ME never to blow in Ben's face again but you know he’ll try to climb into the truck with Travis-the-mailman again first chance he gets. He so badly wants to be pals and so dearly loves to go for a ride. I just hope poor Travis doesn’t blow in his face to try and get him out! I imagine there is a pretty hefty fine for sliming a government employee.


Elizabeth said…
So much for Molly Bee as the Alpha Dog! ;-)
YarnThrower said…
The more I hear about your dog, the more he reminds me of my kids.....smarter than me, slobber, etc..... What a great, fun dog!!!
wrchili said…
lol...That's a great story! I know my animals are smarter than me, so most times I don't even try to pretend otherwise.