Knitting and Dog Blog Updates

I took the multi-directional scarf class from Liz at Sow's Ear on Saturday and am soooo addicted! I finished up my Virginia Tech squares (here are two of the four) in record time so that could work more on it. I'm not thrilled with the Silk Garden Koigu. It's a beautiful color but it's not evenly spun and is absolutely full of 'stuff', sticks and mossy junk, but I LOVE the method!

Liz is a great teacher with lots of experience and the other ladies in the class were really sweet so it was a great time.

And of course what would a blog entry from me be without gratuitous Bentley shots? When the 10 # kitty comes up on the love seat to snuggle, he curls up on the arm rest. Doesn't work so well for 70# doggies.

Bentley and Mr Bee watching NASCAR. They both love the way the cars go round and round. Mr. Bee wants to drive one. Bentley wants to ride in one and stick his head out the window! What a pair!


Elizabeth said…
That scarf is looking beautiful! But, yeah, I know about Noro: sticks and stuff and breaks and unexpected color changes. Very thick and very thin. A lot of newbie spinners could do a better job on the spinning part.
YarnThrower said…
That is a great photo of your dog and hubby!! Very fun!

I just started a multidirectional scarf, too, though am using a solid color, so it is really not very interesting. I really like how the Noro stripes make yours look so cool!
Mum said…
It seems that a VERY LARGE dog thinks he's a MUCH SMALLER kitty!!! But at least they both enjoy the same TV show...saves on the bickering!
peaknits said…
I love the picture of the dog - more dog origami kind of:) He is fitting in nicely!

Also love the multidirectional scarf - the Sow's Ear is just full of great teachers!