Ticks, Treasure and Things That Go Poof In The Night!

Where is the time going????? All of a sudden tomorrow is June!?!?! How did that happen? I can totally see how the oil companies could be ‘unprepared for seasonal changes’. [That was the last reason I heard for the exorbitant gas prices….”Sorry American Public, we had absolutely no idea summer was coming this year! So in response to this huge surprise we will be offering second mortgages on your homes so you can afford enough fuel to get to work every day”] I’m not prepared for the heat. I’m not prepared for all of the events; weddings, graduations, festivals. Sigh! Time, she flies, no?

I waxed all poetical-like about our Geocaching experience last weekend. But you know the old saying that ‘it’s always fun until someone gets hurt’. Well, Geocaching is always fun until you discover you’re infested with TICKS! Ewwwwwww! We went to get a cache that was in high weeds and when we came out they were everywhere! We picked off as many as we could and still found more when we got home. I hate the little buggers. They are so determined to stick you and have such a bad attitude that there is just no reasoning with them. I even tried crying. Nada. Lesson learned. If the treasure is in the weeds or dense foliage it waits until autumn! No McDonald’s Happy Meal toy is worth contracting Lyme’s Disease!

On the knitting front, I started my Maple Leaf socks for myself. I am using the men’s pattern but working them on size zero needles which I specially purchased just for this occasion. I knit the ribbing and two repeats of the pattern and lost one of the needles-while I was using them!!! Honestly, I had it in my hand and then I didn’t and I can’t find it anywhere! I turned the sofa inside out. I scoured the carpet and the darkest recesses of my knitting basket. I checked the entire living room in case I ‘flung’ it somewhere as I am want to do. I put the dogs through the Spanish Inquisition and looked all around their floppy gums and gullets for evidence of an impromptu bamboo snack but it was nowhere. I can only guess that it was one of those flukes where a rift opens up in the space time continuum and a black hole momentarily opened up and swallowed it. Or a tick lugged it off. Either way until I can get a new size zero stick, the socks are grounded, so I started a EZ Baby Surprise Jacket. Not as easy as everyone told me it is, but interesting nonetheless. I am nothing if not bounce-back adaptive! Except when it comes to gearing up for summer apparently.

We went to see Pirates of the Caribbean last night. A lot of bad reviews, but I didn’t think it was bad at all; just kinda long with a little too much cannon fodder. Of course # 2 is my favorite. The Bone Cage was truly inspired, as was Jack Sparrow, the wandering fruit kabob. But Jeffrey Rush was back as Barbosa in this one so it was worth the price of admission. They totally left it open for a Pirates IV. Now if we could just convince Keira Knightly to take her ball and go home (or at least eat a sandwich for God’s sake) the franchise would be perfect!


Elizabeth said…
When I lived in Chicago, I used to say that they seem surprised every year when winter rolled around again. You know, it happens every year, folks! Get used to it!

Ticks are awful. It seems like half the world is getting Lyme Disease, so they make me very nervous.
peaknits said…
I'm so glad to hear you liked Pirates - I just arranged a sitter for next Tuesday to do the very same! Give me a bag (or bucket if it were) of popcorn and Johnny Depp...I'm happy:)