Thursday, August 10, 2006

Quilting Fool

I headed down to my quilt studio early last night and came out wayyyyy too late! I worked all evening (actually half the night) on the McKenna Ryan Loon Quilt. I had all eighteen million little bits traced onto webbing, so I fused them all to fabrics and cut them all out. I got to the best part, fusing the whole thing together and realized that I had the background but didn't have the border fabrics and the lilly pads extend out into the border. Drat.

I ran to Belleville at lunch time to my local quilt store and got the two pieces I needed so will work more on it tonight after Stitch and *itch. I'm actually glad I had to go because my favorite park was practically deserted and I walked along the river and dam/waterfall for a bit before coming back to work. I also saw several fire-engine red dragonflies. I've never seen any like them before. Their wings, right up next to their little dragonfly shoulder blades, were bright, bright, shiny crimson. I mentioned it to the crazy lady at work. I didn't know she was crazy until I told her and she said that surely it was a 'sign of the end times'. Uhhhh...OK. They sure were pretty anyway. The water is high so the lake was cascading over the side of the spillway that's usually bone dry. There were a couple of little kids fishing but otherwise, I had the place to myself. Those kids were really scrawny and I'm sure I could have pushed them in and had the entire place solely to myself, but I was feeling charitable.

The kitty cat alarm went off at 4:30 this morning, and again at 5:00, 5:30, and 6:00. He is a Burmese and very vocal. Not to mention heavy. And persistant. I finally got up and found out why. He proudly led me out to show me he'd been sick in the hallway. GROSS! I'm cleaning it up and he's running all around meowing and begging for treats. Yeah Right. Like I'm gonna let the little hurl-o-matic refuel. He can eat again when Mr. Bee gets home!

Had to lug Wee Doggie off the deck because General BunBun, the mean bunny that lives underneath, was on the lawn at the foot of the stairs and Doggie is deathly afraid of him. Mostly because The General is bigger than him. And because he stands his ground whenever puppy comes out. Wee Doggie has obviously been sized up and deemed absolutely no threat at all. Especially when his Mommy had to run interference for him in her robe. Maybe we'd be more intimidating if I got bunny slippers. I could tie little nooses around their bunny necks as a warning.

Mr. Bee called. He and the Wadeums made it safely to Indy on L'Adventure Grande and were chompin' at the bit to get to Geek Fest as soon as the doors open today. He told me all about the road trip, the highlight of which seemed to be a biplane they saw cropdusting somewhere. That wacky Mr. Bee. He's a party animal.

He and the Wadeums will spend four days from sunrise to sunset in the convention center with thousands of their closest friends, playing games and buying stuff, with only a short break for a PB&J at lunch- because they have deemed the Geek Fest food too expensive and brought a cooler of their own. Then they will go do dinner at Denny's where he has assured me that he will eat a vegetable of some kind every day. Ketchup doesn't count. Anything deep fried doesn't either. Then they will go back to the hotel and play more games deep into the night. Some people's vacations are other people's nightmares....


Sister Sue said...

Bunny slippers! With nooses! Snort! I'm dying here. I need air. Laughing too hard to breathe. (Keep it up.) :)

Anonymous said...

Yep!!! I couldn't agree more with the last few paragraphs.

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