A Heat Wave-A Tropical Heat Wave

It's been too hot to go into the computer room to update my blog for a few days. Of course this hot weather also corresponds to a few of my busiest days at work, so by the time get done I running around all day in the heat, I just wilt when I go home. Mostly Mr. Bee and I have been sitting on the sofa every evening; sticky, ambitionless lumps, reduced to watching reruns of bad documentaries on the back television channels. Sneakers the bunny has totally melted. Despite the central air which does its best to keep the house around 80°, she has dissolved into a sullen puddle of mush in the bottom of her cage. She hardly has the gumption to attack the hand that feeds her although the weather hasn't affected her grunting ability which she uses often. Sebastian the cat is basically living in the basement. He's found a cool nook with a comfy chair with a woobie. He's always been one cool dude. The only one remotely happy is the Wee Doggie who hasn't shivered once in the last two weeks. The humidity must feel good on his poor old decrepit bones. The good news is that it is supposed to break today! I hope that's true since I have my volunteer shift at Hospice tonight. The running involved with that always makes running for my day job look like an afternoon poolside with margarita grande!

Despite the heat, I have been working straight ahead of my One Ugly Green Stripe socks. I finished one last night and will start the other one tonight after my hair cut. I finally abandoned the Glitter Alpaca stole for good. I basically had to knit every row at least twice if not two or three times and the fuzziness of the yarn was being compromised. It alternated between being completely bald an sweaty matted lumps. Not much fun. I think the other two skeins are destined to become scarves made out of some easy pattern.

Mr. Bee is counting down the days to his vacation next week. He and best bud, Mr. Wilcox will be heading to Indianapolis for a gaming convention. Mr. Bee's big adventure. Lots o' fun. He's so excited that if he was a puppy he'd piddle on the floor. I will be a single gal for a few days. I don't have any plans yet except to eat peas and French Toast in great quantities since Mr. Bee can't tolerate either. Uh...I can see I'm definitely going to have to come up with something a lot better for Molly Bee's Home Alone adventure!


Sister Sue said…
Good luck with that heat! We've finally got it here in Maine today, and where is my littlest pooch? Asleep in a puddle of SUN right inside the sliding glass door which faces the burning hot blacktop driveway. Unbelievable. I'm about to throw him in the kiddie pool on the deck, just to be on the safe side. The beagles are hanging in there, but even they look a bit wilty.
Anonymous said…
How about M&M's rockin adventure since all of my other plans changed
Aunt M said…
We've spent the day down having a picnic at Country Creations, it being customer appreciation day. Left our chairs to get the food and almost had to fight some little kids to get our chairs back. Good hot dogs, good food, good people, good fun. Had to come home to get cool. Uncle Donn is in the livingroom reading the paper through his eyelids! Mom and I are looking up interesting things on the internet. Your blog is tops on our list.