Aww Rats!

I've been down for the count for the last few days. I finally got it together enough to take a photo of my latest project and the dang camera gasped its last and ran out of batteries. I will charge 'em up and post one on Friday.

Went to the Renaissance Fair in Briston WI on Saturday. What a day! We caravaned with friends. We took their six year old daughter, Princess E, with us. Mom, Dad and Prince R. were following us. On the inside on an hour we lost them. We were sure they must have broken down. We went back to look and couldn't find them. We were trying to delicately discuss the fact that we'd lost them and what we should do about it in a way that wouldn't upset Princess E. We didn't have to worry. As soon as she figured it out, she declared that we should go have fun anyway. So we did. We arrived at the Festival and found that they had taken a wrong turn and arrived ahead of us. Whew! Disaster averted.

We spent the day wandering the fair. My highlights were the Mud Show and the Falconry show. That and all of the folks in costume. The inaccuaracy in period dress is one thing. It kind of all goes....even the woman dressed like Pan and the numerous devils and fairies. I totally didn't understand the Vulcan I saw though. Maybe she was just on vacation from the Enterprise or whatever planet Vulcan's come from. Should've worn her hair over the ears in that case...but I digress.

At about 4 PM we had to get going because Wee Doggie only has a 9 hour bladder so we had to get home to him. Hiked across the hay field parking lot, got to the car and discovered we'd locked the keys inside. Mr. Bee trudged back across the field to the ticket booth to try and find someone to help. I stayed with the car. Presently a man dressed like a Highlander happened by with a great, long, shiny sword. I batted my eyelashes and persuaded him to try and unlock the door with his weapon since the windows were down a bit. He tried for about 5 minutes but only succeeded in poking sword holes in our lock button. Oh well, he was my knight in shining armor, almost literally, for trying.
Soon Mr. Bee shows up with a wee Asian gentleman who took some sort of short metal gizmo out of his minivan and a few twists of the wrist later the door popped right open. Which just goes to show you, it isn't the length of the sword but how you wiggle it that counts. He charged us $30 bucks though whereas the Highlander was content with just having me gush over him and try to guess what was under his kilt. Bike shorts as it turns out. Sorry to shatter the illusion. All in all it was an interesting day.

Tomorrow night is Stitch Night at The Sow's Ear. This is my local group, not to be confused with the shop's Knit Night which happens to be Friday. Don't think I'll go to that if it's too hot but will plan on it otherwise. I got quite a lot done on my comfort shawl during a long car ride on Sunday and would like to finish it there if I can.

Mr. Bee is in Indy for a few days at Geek Fest so I am a lady of leisure. Except I've planned visits with friends and other outtings for just about every minute of that time. I'll need a vacation by the time he gets back!