Good Bye Girlie Girl!

I was not meant to be a girlie girl I guess. I have to have the artificial talons removed this afternoon. Fungus of the thumbus nailus! Gross! Who knew!!!??? Heavy sigh.

Look Ya'll! Knitting Content!
I unknit far more than I knit last night. I was almost to the toe decrease of the second dreaded Ugly Stripe sock when I realized that waaaaaay back-just after the gusset decreases- I had purled one needle! I had one row of 'bumps'. I was so disgusted. What a rookie mistake. There must have been something on t.v., or with the furbabies, or something shiny, or brightly colored. I am distracted by a whole range of things. Or maybe I dozed off and continued to stitch which has happened before and Mr. Bee thinks this is hysterical until he has to listen to my ranting the next day as I rip it all out. Which is what happened. I've been chompin' at the bit to get these ugly suckers done and just when I see the light at the end of the turns out to be a train! I ripped out the whole foot and started over. Try as I might to make peace with that ugly green, it's just not going to happen. Mum saw the last post where I threatened to bring them to Maine when I go and make her wear them. She still insists they're beautiful. It's all just lip service at 1500 miles away. Wait'll she sees 'em up close. I should have left the purl bumps in there to for emphasis.

So the socks will be finished by the weekend and I am swearing of socks for a while. I will start on the Prayer Flag Fingerless gloves but I won't be able to knit them on the twenty four hour road trip to Maine because they have cables and I have to pay too much attention. I get distracted enough in familiar surroundings and there will be lots of cows and corn and other cars and signs and toll booths between here and Aroostook County. Wouldn't want to miss anything because I was reading a pattern. it comes...the justification to go off the hobby diet once more. I am going to my LYS this weekend to get some Cascade for another top-down-seamless cardigan. Yes, I know! The button band one the last one I made has STILL not been adjusted, but I'll get to that once I get cold enough to actually want to wear the darn thing. The pattern is increase for a few rows and then endless rounds of knitknitknitknit. Just the project for 48 total hours on the road. Maybe I'll get that red and black tweed Cascade and do one for Mum. Maybe I'll add a God Awful Ugly green stripe to match her new socks!