Fell Off The Hobby Diet Wagon...

But not too badly. I bought a skein of Thibetan recycled silk . I was sitting at the Sow's Ear, innocently talking to my friend, when I saw it waving to me over her shoulder. It beckoned. It teased. It taunted. I could barely concentrate on what my friend was saying. I had to buy it just to shut it up so I could visit!

It is the most amazing stuff. It's individual fibers of silk of all different colors spun together into a thickish yarn. The overall color is a dark red but it has every other color of the rainbow in it as well. It's made out of prayer flags. No, I made that part up. It could be though and so I am instituting that fact into my reality. Poof! It's so. I bought enough to make a pair of fingerless gloves. They will look smashing with my dark grey winter coat.

I will start on my 'Thibetan Prayer Flag Gloves' after I finally finish the striped 'God Awful Ugly Trek' socks. I'm to the heel flap on sock # 2. They are the ugliest thing on earth but my Mum says that they are beautiful. She has to. She's a Mum and it's in the contract bylaws somewhere near the paragraph that states that she has to wear macaroni necklaces and set out hideous sort-of-ashtray-shaped lumps of dried clay on her nice living room tables while you're in grade school. God love her. In a case of 'No-Good-Deed-Goes-Unpunished'...or in this case, 'No-Compliment-Goes-Unpunished', I will take them to her when we go to Maine in three weeks. We'll just see how beautiful they are when she sees them up close and then has to put them on. That oughta knock all the saintly Mum-ness out of the situation. I'm taking bets that the socks will be secretly tucked in my luggage to come back to Wisconsin when I'm not looking. Anyone? Lay your money down!