This and That...Here and There...

It's been a full couple of weeks. We have been out and about quite a bit; seeing the Baraboo Tiger Sanctuary, walking at the park in Belleville, and just rambling about in general. 

The highlight was when we went to see John Edward last Thursday night and it was very good. He was very warm, personable, funny and entertaining. We didn't get read, but lot of other people did and he is very convincing. He said a couple of things in his teaching moments that really resonated with me. We really enjoyed it. 

When we have some down time, we've been playing Qwirkle, doodling, reading, walking and knitting. I finished another Ben Kwok piece which I kind of like. I didn't really like it (the entire composition, not the template) until I put the music notes around it. That seemed to perk it up a little. 

No less that nine different friends sent me this picture; allowing that I need this yarn bowl in my collection.  Huh. I can't think of why! :-)  I found the site that makes them and was delighted to find that they also make a wee version of this bowl that is an egg separator and the white comes out the nose! I'm writing my letter to Santa right now to beat the rush!

In the knitting department, I finished these socks. I always rib the leg but didn't on this pair.  I also managed to use a heavier weight yarn and one size larger needles and then had no earthly idea why they were too big for me! Tres baffling!  They are a cheery color though and will fit someone along the way.

I have already finished another sock ( in which I used the appropriate pattern, yarn and needles and am hoping for better results) and the leg on the second one, so I'll report soon! Mum gave me a beautiful antique basket and lid to keep my knitting in, so I will post a picture of that when I post the socks. 

This is the way my weird-o mind works. I'm at the hospital the other day getting a cat scan and I'm in the changing room when I see this hook. The way the light was hitting it it was casting a fiddle head or 'Mooka' shadow so I took a picture of it. I can almost guarantee you that no one else in the history of the world has done that!

Finished out this last weekend with a delightful breakfast with Scott and Michael. We went to La Brioche again.  (In case you needed a reminder about their wonderful crepes!) 

We had a great time visiting and hearing about their vacation to Sedona. I want to go now....if only to see the magnificent sunsets! So the moral of the story is, keeping busy, getting out and about, having fun and enjoying our time together. That's what it's all about!  What have YOU been up to?


Jill Haddad said…
What is the website for the Troll Yarn Bowl?