Hanging With Mr. Cooper

Mr. Cooper is one cool cat, and I mean that in every sense of the word. In the 'groovy/cool' way and in the disinterested and aloof way. He's the funniest cat I've ever owned. He NEVER comes when you call his name or when you put your hand down, but he's always around, curious about what you're doing and lurking in the background.  Unless you want him in the background, and then he's on the counters, table or  otherwise in your face and exactly where you DON'T want him to be. 

He does live up to his name though. His name is Sheldon Cooper* because no matter where you sit, you're in his spot. Here he is on a saddle stool that I put in the middle of the living room  so I could scrub the dining room floor. The stool has two oval holes in the middle as a 'handle'. I love the way his fur is poofing down through the hole. He is a Maine Coon and has all of the fur but only weights 8#; he's nothing but hair...and teeth. Our Coop is not a lover, he's a biter

But, that said, when he's in a snuggly mood, he's the best. Here he is taking a nap on the sofa with me. Just look at that smile! You'd never know he was dreaming of hopping on your face when you're least expecting it for an experimental taste!

The last cat I owned was more like a dog than a cat, maybe that's what makes Coop so  unique.  I tell people about the weird things he does and they tell me that that is normal cat behavior. Guess I have a lot to learn about 'normal cats!
*He could have just as easily been named Kramer since he never enters a room but what he's skidding sideways at 80 m.p.h. with his hair all disheveled.


dale-harriet said…
Yep, everything you describe is "normal cat" - but of course he's superior at it. My Evangeline is a teen-aged girl where he's concerned; sighs over every picture, purrs "Cooooooooper" in her sleep. If I didn't know she'd try to kill him, I'd suggest introducing them. In spite of her beauty, she's a curmudgeonly feisty old bat. (MY feisty old bat....)