Administrative Professional's Day

OMGosh! You will not believe what my kids (coworkers) just pulled off-a surprise Administrative Professional's Day lunch! 

They gave me a card and a tiara...purple of course!

And decorated the tables with purple decorations

We had baked potatoes with all the fixin's and green salad (and purple pop).


Hope even made me a purple cake with real flowers!

While we ate lunch, they played a looping slide show of all of the silly email pictures I've sent them in the last year and then after lunch they played 'How Well Do You Know Melinda' trivia!  I was so surprised....I'd forgotten about Admin's Day and I can't believe they pulled it all off without me finding out! I am one pleased Admin today! What a great group of folks to be with every day! How blessed am I?


Anonymous said…
Sounds like they really and truly celebrated the real Melinda! Happy day to you!!! --- Patti
Sara said…
That's awesome, Melinda! They Love you!
Michelle said…
VERY blessed (and now I'm hungry!).