Cha-Cha-Cha Changes

Spring is the time of renewal and change. The winter snow changes to melting puddles (trust me, People Of The Northeast, it will happen!) and the bare trees give way to buds and leaves. All of the changes around me have me in a good, but reflective, mood this spring about changes in my own life. This little guy was my WIP last week. He 'bout sums it all up.

It was a relatively quiet weekend. I went to Knit Night with  Elizabeth, Jen and Colin on Friday night. The other Knit Chicks were attending Seder dinner for Passover.  The music was pretty good. I got a lot done on the socks I'm working on. We had fun chatting and throwing sarcasm, and pithy observations around; none of which I'm allowed to repeat, 'cause, you know, what happens at Knit Night stays at Knit Night. 

Saturday, I was in a clean-y mood, which rarely happens, so I took the opportunity to neaten up the basement, wash a couple of windows and organize my sock yarn. I dug out my umbrella swift and winder and wound enough skeins into cakes to get me through the rest of the year. It's one of those tasks that I hate to get started,  but once I do, I kind of like it. Cooper kind of liked it too until he figured out that those strings were attached to a rotating beast that was going faster than a helicopter blade and could take both of his ears clean off, then he feigned disinterest and wandered off to knock things off the shelves that I had just neatened. 

I did get out a bit and go to lunch with Friend-Mary. We went to Outback (YUM) and caught up a bit since we haven't seen each other for ages. Afterward I went to the Agrace thrift store, run by our local hospice. I hadn't been in since it had moved locations and I found a CD, lovely plate and purse that I like. The rest of the afternoon was spent walking. The breeze was cold but with a jacket it was perfect for walking through the field and woods.  I didn't see my hawk.  I usually do.  In fact, the last time I saw her, she had a bright-orange, ornamental koi from someone's backyard in her talons. Now there's something you don't see every day!

I had a nice e-chat in the evening with my sister, Dina, and then toddled off with my book. I didn't stay up to watch the Badgers play Kentucky, but I knew when they won at around 10:10 because a collective cheer went up for miles around. I wasn't asleep yet and had my window cracked. It made me smile. I wish them all the luck against Duke tonight!

Sunday was Easter and I had no plans so I decided it was a 'rest day' and devoted it to The History Channel, good books and knitting.  My street was pretty busy with folks coming and going so Ben and I went out several times to visit neighbors, and I went for a two hour hike up through the fields again, but other than that, we were couch veggies all day....and night as it turns out, since PBS has had the brilliance to put Call The Midwife, Mr. Selfridge and Wolf Hall back-to-back-to-back! (Contented sigh...) 

I got one sock done (Kitchner grafted and ends woven) and the other is down to just the toe. I'll post a pic soon. They are socks for giants. .5 mil. larger  needles than I usually use, thicker weight yarn, and no ribbing makes them hugantic! I almost frogged them but decided that I would finish them since I had them both 3/4 done. I'll hang on to them. They'll fit someone, somewhere, sometime. 

At any rate, that's all the boring news there is to print at this point. I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter!


Denise Medford said…
You always make me smile! No matter how boring you think you are. Also wanted to thank you for your little gift to my Pop! He truly loves you like a daughter.
Mum said…
I love the little green guy!