Diva Challenge 212: Fanz

This week's challenge came at an opportune moment because I had been working on Ben Kwok's toucan in my art journal and didn't have any ideas on what to put in the bottom space. Fanz! Of course! Why didn't I think of that!

I've really been enjoying the new drawing journals that I found at Michael's. 8.5" x 5.5". Smooth paper; very little if any tooth. Only 40 sheets and flat-no spiral or glue. I've been shrinking down Ben's templates and putting them in there along with some of my favorite quotes. Unfortunately, that's all I want to do since I started the journal last week and chores etc. have gone by the wayside. So be it. 

I am going to the library tonight to hear a talk by Susan Holding on her new book The Little French Bakery cookbook. Susan and I worked together for three years at a local medical clinic. She was an RN. She decided to follow her passion and went to France to learn to make pastries...be a pastry-atrician? I'm eager to see her again and hear about her journey. Some days I find it impossible to imagine taking that kind of a leap of faith and some days...I can totally see it! 

I finished the book Into The Heart of The Dark Wood by Billy Coffey last night. That sucker kept me up for three nights! First the heart palpitations reading it, and then the dark dreams following. It was my kind of book! Growing up in the wild woods of Maine gave me the ability to 'see' this book in vivid detail. It's a 'realistically scary' book...a 'what if' book. It reminded me of  Stephen King's The Dome in that way.  What would happen if you were just a couple of kids and were lost in the woods...in the winter. Awesome read! I highly recommend it. 

That's all the news today from rainy Wisconsin. I'm gonna have to get out there and make some sunshine!


Jean Chaney said…
I like what you did with Ben's template. Good idea to combine them into a journal. I should consider doing that too. I think that it was a wonderful idea to add the Fanz as a base and I like the Florz as a background. I especially like the shading on the Florz. Beautiful piece!
Christina said…
Great idea for the Journal. I really like the way that you added Depth to this picture. Great Job!!!
Ilse said…
Wow, a toucan! Fanz fits wonderful in this tile. Nice job!
Marta said…
Wow!!! Beautiful!
I think the fanz looks like bird feathers great idea to go with the toucan! So many wonderful tangles in your creation.
Fanz and the tangleation you did is beautiful!!!
Suzanne Fluhr said…
You're right. Fanz works perfectly for the bottom. I see you also have some Flux in there from last week's challenge---or maybe it's just Flux and has nothing to do with any challenge. In any case both Flux and Fanz work really well with your Toucan.
Zandiepants said…
That's totally amazing! Fanz works great at the bottom :)