Life Is Never Dull!

I walked in the back door last night and the house was flooded with red flashing lights. I ran outside and there were men on ladders, on my roof and the neighbor's roof. Before I had a stroke, my neighbor yelled that it was a false alarm. Seems two girls out playing in the' hood noticed 'smoke' coming from my neighbor's roof. Being responsible citizens, they called 911 and then ran to his house and told him his house was on fire. He explained that the smoke was steam from the dryer vent and turned off his dryer to show them. By then, four fire trucks had arrived and my neighbor explained what had happened. They thanked the girls for looking out for their neighbors and said that while they were all there, they would run some ladder practice drills. That's about the point where I walked in from the garage and was sure it was the end of times. I don't think that Ben and Cooper's eyeballs have gone back to normal size yet! Mine either. Never a dull moment around here!

After I got myself together a bit, I struck off for Zentangle Snowflake class over at the local craft shop. Katie Butler was the teacher and it was amazing as usual. I loved the whole class, but the discovery of micro glitter and a glue pen rocked my world. Here is my snowflake.

And these are the ones from the rest of the class. It always amazes me that we are all in the same class with the same instructions and every Zentangle comes out differently, no two are the same, just like snowflakes!