Diva's Challenge: KISS

This week's Diva Challenge was right up my alley! During the busy hustle-bustle of the holidays, Laura encouraged us to just Keep It Simple for our tile this week. This was left open to interpretation as to whether you would  do a simple string, or some of the more simple tangles. I decided, no strings, no deciding which pattern would go best where. I would just do a tile of a new tangle I had seen and wanted to try (Cirque by Chris Gerstner). No sting. One Tangle Pattern. Simple.

It is about as far away from an 'official' Zentangle as you can get and it's not much of a looker but it sure was relaxing, just when I needed it most. Apparently I was so relaxed that I fell asleep taking the picture and so it's all crookedy!  I aim to go back in at a later date and fill in the background but for now, it's...well...simple!

Sincere thanks to Laura for another amazing challenge. This one really hit the spot at this time of year. Thanks for the pleasant 30 minutes away from my mind monkeys!


Nice tile and I really like that tangle pattern! Off to find it now!
Dorita Menconi said…
A simple approach to the challenge and a lovely outcome.
Kia said…
I think it is a beautiful pattern and you have presented it very well - I must learn this pattern.
Love this!! yes..I'm going to explore this one too.Thanks 4 sharing.
Great pattern...and I think that the "crookedyness" sort of adds to it's charm, especially at this time of year when we're all feeling a bit crookedy.
Suzanne Fluhr said…
The monotangle is simple, but this tangle seems quite complex---as tangles go. Your composition is simple and elegant. Very nice. Best wishes for Christmas and the New Year.
Wow - you did a great job with it - thanks for trying it :)
Molly Bee said…
Great tangle! Thanks for sharing it!
These look like little dust mop bombs! Very cool work here...really enjoyed reading your take on why it was simple for you!
I like this 'simple' tile a lot. Have a great holiday!
Ilse said…
That's a lovely Cirque 'tile';-)
J L Johnson said…
You said it's not much of a looker. I beg to differ. They look like lovely wreaths twirling in a Christmas dance.
David Hunter said…
I like your Tile very much. This is a beautiful self contained graphic element that would make a marvelous accent on an envelope, stationary, anywhere that needed a delightful splash of art. Terrific, and well done. Seasons Greetings to you and your family.
This is gorgeous, so well done.
Donald Wilka said…
Nice monotangle. If by it not being "an official Zentangle®" you mean no string, Even Maria does things without a string. The string is a way to structure and something that you can chose to ignore any way once you start.