Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The Winter Project

During the winter, when the days are short and bitter cold, I put a largish sheet of paper on my kitchen table and doodle away at it off and on when I have time; kind of like you folks that always have a jigsaw puzzle going. This winter's project got 'bumped' several times in the priority list but I finally finished the design and inking last night. Hmmm. End of July finish date...not exactly a winter project any more, huh?

There is still a lot of shading in my future, but the the main part of it is complete. Maybe I will tuck it away and let the shading be my NEXT winter project. It's coming faster than you think!
It's one third of a sheet of large poster paper.  Sort of a 'bell pull' shape. 
I like the dangles on the bottom.

Closer of top half.
Don't know why the top looks crooked. It's really not. Must be the angle of the camera

 Closer of bottom half. It's not crooked either. 

I've a mind to stabilize the back and then roll the top and bottom around dowels for display...not sure yet, but it looks like I have another whole winter to think about it!!


Alice said...

What a great idea! I love the dangles, too :) beautiful work.

Charlotte said...

Great job of wonderful awesomeness!!!!

Deni(se) said...

This is amazing! Did you begin with a base string or segment it as you went letting the individual tangles leading you to a stopping point? Or something I haven't thought of? :-D

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