Diva Challenge and The Madison Zentangle Expo

This week's Diva Challenge was to be inspired by your favorite drink, in whatever form that took. One of my favorite drinks is a cherry French soda, a coffee house specialty that has cherry soda and half and half so I decided to use a hand died pink tile background and tangle it with red pen, and white Jelly roll and shaded it with red colored pencil. Ouila! Cherry French Soda!

Where did the hand dyed pink tile come from you ask? Why I dyed it myownself at a class at The Zentangle Expo this weekend !   It was held at The Monona Terrace Convention Center on Lake Monona in Madison. It was an overcast day but there still was an amazing view! 
 There was a gallery of beautiful work from the teachers and attendees.

 You'll want to biggify those. Beautiful, beautiful pieces!

And I took 5 classes; Using Watercolors, Hand Dying Backgrounds, Shading, and Zentangling on objects.  Here are some seashells that the teacher did. She is a calligrapher as well. 

 I can't wait to do some of my own and leave them on the beach face down for others to find!
The last class was called The Master Class- each of the Certified Zentangle Teachers for the weekend got up and gave a tip, trick or pattern. It was awesome. The entire weekend was! I was very impressed at the organization and professionalism. I learned a lot! Now I'm counting down the days until next 's Expo!


Looks like you had a great time at the Expo! I was so sad that I was unable to attend! Beautiful tile!
Sara said…
Thanks for coming to tangle with us! Your work in the gallery was outstanding. 'See you soon at a workshop near you!
Kathy Barringer said…
Sweet pink tile. The color makes me think of cotton candy!
Didisch said…
Sweet pink! looks great after all those coffee tiles I made and visited. Love all your pictures in this post, and the shells, owww I want to make those too.
Jean Chaney said…
What fun you had, and learned a lot to boot. I love your pink tile and the tangles are perfect for it. I like your idea of leaving shells for others to find.
HeidiSue said…
that pink tile reminds me of a ballroom! I love your use of tripoli and the pattern on the "ceiling" is stunning! well done...and your time at the expo sounds great...
This tile is lovely and very 'sweet'.
LonettA said…
Wonderful "cherry" coloured tile!
Great choice of tangles. Your shells are beautiful!!
Donald Wilka said…
Nice work. Sounds like the Expo was fun and educational. Did you learn coloring the tile from Sue Jacobs?

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