Diva Challenge: Truffle

Let me start right up front by apologizing for my entry this week. I had the day from H-E-Hockey-Sticks yesterday with a migraine. I had no business attempting the challenge last night, but I did. And I promised myself I would always put forth my first effort for better or for worse. Turns out...it was worse.

The challenge was to use 'Truffle' in a tangle. Truffle reminds me of dandelion blossoms so  that's the direction I took. It's muddled and sloppy but here it is.

I hereby solemnly swear to never to doodle under the influence of  a headache or it's medications again. 

PS: The 'bombs' dropping from the sky are supposed to be dandelion seeds. I'm going back to bed.


Lisha said…
So FUN! Hope you feel better soon.
Laura26 said…
Having had migraines myself and knowing their pain I think you did amazingly well! Those headaches are a b!!#h!
Jean Chaney said…
I saw some lovely palm trees there. I'm sorry you suffer from those nasty migraines and hope they just go away forever.
Kia said…
I think it's lovely. Very delicate and yes looking like dandelions.
You are really to hard on yourself. I like the tile and it's shading.
Hope your headache is gone by now.
LonettA said…
This is so lovely! Wonderful meadow you created! Hope you feel better soon!
HeidiSue said…
when you sit out on the back porch in the evening, and the sun is setting, the light is low, slanting across a broad meadow, you see golden flecks spinning. maybe bugs, maybe seeds, maybe a spider "ballooning"...all of them flickering and golden, passing along in the light.
That is what this piece reminds me of. It's so...meadowy :)
You should not apologize for this tile. It is so original and cute. Doesn't look at all like someone suffering from a migraine did it. Many of the details - like how some of the stems go behind and come back down, and the shadows - are just superb.
I love the idea of dandelion blossoms and despite your migraine I think it is a very fun tile! Hopefully you have recovered by now, as I know they are not fun to have, and I hope the tangling brought you some relief!
Omer said…
First thing first - I just love your beautiful tile. I first saw the drawing and smiled, and only then read your text (and was sorry to hear about the migraine, and hope you feel better by now).

Your decision to always put forth whatever comes from under your pen is nothing short of inspiring.

And now about the tile - I love it (again). I love the leaves, and the "palm trees", and I actually saw a long greenhouse in the distance, and then the skies, full of summer seeds and creatures.

Beautiful. Simply beautiful
Donald Wilka said…
Hope the migraine has not returned. there are a number of things to like about this tile. You did a great job of shading/shadowing. I like the Sanibelle across the bottom. I also post the first thing I do. I think it helps with finding some satisfaction in what was accomplished no matter the circumstances.

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