Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Great Mini Piggy Caper: A Veggie Tale

We haven't had a good barn story for a while....

This weekend we got a TON of veggies donated from the local market, Millers in Verona. G*d Bless Millers! Their outdated produce goes a long way to keeping our animals fat and happy.  And none of them is quite so fat and happy as Mini-Pig-Diva, Miss Lola.  We have to keep Miss Lola on a diet of her pellet food and green leafy veggies only.  No sugary fruits or starchy veggies to pudge up her svelte, Miss Piggy figure. Even on her 'diet' though, she still finds enough crumbs of other animals'  foods lying around to keep her pretty voluptuous.

So this weekend, when I put the big, plastic, veggie bin on the barn floor so that I could sort through and put some in the fridge to keep it from freezing, I carefully checked around for Miss Lola, knowing she was doodling around loose in the barn. I finally spotted her waaaay down at the other end of the barn, 'helping' the kids muck out the goat stall. It's a big job.  It needs lots of supervision. Miss Lola was clearly 'on it'.

So I took the cover half-way off the bin and started sorting. I guess I  kind of 'vegged' out (get it?!?!) and took my eye off Miss Lola for a few minutes. What transpired next probably would have escaped every one's attention had she been even a little more stealthy about it. All of a sudden, about halfway down the barn floor, Miss Lolla starts to squeal to the top of her little piggy lungs and run full tilt toward the veggie bin.  My first though was that Gracie Goose had...well...goosed her.  That's happened before and always sets her to running. But the pig-curdling-rebel-yell-top-decibel-continuous screaming at the same time was new. It made the hairs stand up on the back of my neck!

Before I could process what happened, she came in hot, aiming straight for the bin and in one fell swoop, threw the cover the rest of the way off, grabbed an entire ear of corn, turned on a dime and, still screaming, albeit muffled with her mouth full of corn cob, took off to hide and eat it. It was so obviously premeditated, expertly choreographed and  executed, I didn't even have the heart to take it away from her. She hid in the darkest recesses of a stall and happily munched her treasure. When you work that hard for something, you ought to be able to enjoy it.

Note to self: Keep even partially opened veggie bins up off the floor so as to avoid future heists and not perpetuate Miss Lola's life of crime.

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MadCityMike said...

I agree.....when she worked that hard and held back on the loud squealing (you KNOW that had to be hard for her!) until she was halfway to the bin, she definitely deserved her reward. ;)

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