Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Groundhog Dessert Recipe

*Snort!*  That got your attention didn't it!  My department is having a Super Bowl Fun Day Soup Potluck tomorrow. I made a taco soup and then whipped up these Groundhog's Day inspired treats for dessert. I found the idea on Pinterest. The ones on there are infinitely cuter but it was fun to play with anyway.

You need Pepperidge Farm Milanos or Nutter Butters or something similar in shape, slivered almonds, butterscotch chips and chocolate frosting to glue all of the parts on. It's pretty futzy to trim the almonds for ears and teeth and to cut the tops of the chips...but.....
Ta Da! A Groundhog
 Then you stick them in a chocolate pudding cup and surround them with crumbled up Oreos for 'dirt'.

Horrors! A legion of Groundhogs!

We'll be eating them in a room at the office. I will be sure and turn the lights out so they don't see their shadows. I'm not a math whiz but if I don't it'll be somewhere around 120 more months of winter!  
Happy Groundhogs Day!

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Barb said...

It would be a treat to have you as a co-worker!!

The one thing that stands out in my mind about Ground Hogs Day is the birthday of one of my elementary school classmates, Jerry. He kind of looked like a ground hog plus he had this amazing ability to turn his eyelids inside out. No kidding. He loved to torment Brenda, a pale, thin, sniveling girl in our class. He would say, "Hey Brenda, look at this!" She would look at him with his lids all askew and declare that she was going to be sick. Jerry would giggle and quickly right his lids so the teacher didn't know what had just happened as Brenda retched in the isle. Good times! :O)

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