Happy Friday Eve!

This is a tangle I did before Christmas to try out some new patterns.  The light to dark ratio is off, the composition sucks (what is that big blog in the middle!?), but I am posting it because I love the new patterns I tried out.

I wish I was better at remembering names and creators of tangles.  I print stuff off and cram it in a folder and then when the mood strikes, I pull out a handful to practice. By that time, where I found it and who created it is long gone.  The only  ones I remember is 'Knyt' in the upper left, 'Fife' in the lower left, and 'Ramparts' at the bottom right.  So if you created any of the patterns on here, THANK YOU! I had a wonderful, relaxing evening getting to know them!


Alma said…
I think you have drawn an incredibly beautiful Zentangle! And what matters most is as you wrote - that you had a wonderful and relaxing time while doing so :)