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Out of Town Visitors and Alpaca Fest

Friends, Aaron and Terri Browne, formerly of my building and now of Minneapolis, visited last week with my honorary niece and nephew, Noelle (8 months) and William (3 in a couple of weeks!).  No bias on my part when I say they are the most adorable, beautiful, brilliant children EVER!  I regret to say that I was so living in the moment that I forgot to take pictures. I got a couple  of  hasty ones of William at breakfast on Saturday

Someone explain to me why, with my limited photography skills, I insist on taking photos of children and animals, the two subjects who are always in motion.  Isn't William a sweetie? He's growing big and strong on the dog bones we feed him.  Just kidding, the bones in the picture were ones he was taking to his dog, Brinkley who was waiting patiently in the car....See?
Then it was off to the Alpaca show. I communed with the animals: I so wanted to hug this guy. He was the most teddy-bear like guy in the show.
I liked these two on their carpet by the…

Molly Bee and the Asthmatic Orca Orchestra

I'm babysitting my friends' dog, Brinkley this week. Bentley LUVS his old buddy Brinks and the two of them have been having a blast since Brinkley arrived yesterday. They are play-pals and snuggle-buddies and do everything together. It wasn't until this morning that I realized that they are also cahoot-ers and I am woefully outnumbered!

Ben found SpongeBob Squarepants rubber ball in the garage a week or so ago. He has loved it so hard that it can no longer rightfully be called a ball.  It's more like some scraps of rubber loosely associated into a orb-like structure.  Pitiful as he is, SpongeBob has been the belle of the ball (get it?) as far as the dogs are concerned. They spent most of last evening playing 'Hey! Look over there!' and then stealing it from each other. At bedtime I put it away because, and Ben and I have had this discussion for a week now, Bob is, quite frankly, disgusting. I know sponges are supposed to be wet and gooshie, but waking up with i…

Diva's Challenge 67: Amanda Day

This week's challenge over at the Diva's blog was to do a design that represents Earth Day.  (Her adorable son calls it 'Amanda Day' so that's it's title).  Dig around for a picture over at her blog...both of her sons are absolutely precious!
Happy Earth Amanda Day!

Wonderful Weekend

I worked at the farm both Saturday and Sunday mornings so I got to spend lots of time with the newest resident, Lola:

She is the dearest little thing. She and Teddy followed us all around inspecting each chore we did and sampling the various animal foods. We would often leave pans of feed on the floor for the chickens, turkeys and ducks but that is a thing of the past with old Lola around!  She is a pig in every sense of the word! We have to really watch her or she will no longer be 'miniature'!
On Saturday afternoon I took Thor and Mick's (the llamas), Frances and Bert's (the big sheep) and Teddy's fleeces, which had been removed the following week,  down to Rainbow Fleece Farm  for processing. They will wash and card the fleece so I can spin it into yarn for the silent auction fundraiser Heartland is having in August.  They were having their 'Shearing Days' open house and it was cool to see all of their animals. Their peacocks are so beautiful. I wish I h…

Tragedy At The Houdini Theater

Our department is having a Peep Diorama contest as a team building activity.  I worked this weekend on my entry: Hare-y Houdini: Magician of the Peeps.
The only thing I hadn't done yet is put Hare-y and his water tank in...
And hang the marquis... I planned on doing those tasks last night in hopes of meeting today's entry deadline.  I left the theater on the kitchen counter...unattended... when I went to work yesterday and that was when...DISASTER STRUCK!

The Mighty Benzilla apparently crossed the Pacific from Tokyo and stormed the theater, creating general mayhem and devastation. After he had thoroughly tossed and terrified the occupants, he ate the Lovely Assistant Chick and two of the audience members before lumbering on to wreak havoc at some other venue.

I discovered the wreckage when I got home. I rebuilt the theater and hired a new Lovely Assistant Chick but had a hard time to convince passers-by to come see the show in light of 'recent events'. The good news is, …

Diva's Challenge: Auras

This week's Diva Challenge is to use auras. Aura's are outlines around the original design that can make new patterns themselves as they grow. I use them quite a bit in my tangles. This time around, I wanted to experiment with looser tangles with more white space. I tend to super cramp patterns into every square inch! So here are my entries.


Tangle Design: Katahdin

I've been working non-stop on my doodling. I wish I had found this stress outlet way earlier in my life! I was working on my art journal and stumbled upon this combination shapes and shading. It really appealed to me; the way the 'sunrises' when placed end to end, made a kind of faceted gem design. I call it' Katahdin' because Maine's highest mountain is the first to receive the sunrise in the morning and though I took it for granted when I grew up in its shadow, I know now what a gem it really is.
Use and enjoy! I'd love to see what you guys do with it!

Disney Day One

Mum has always wanted to go to Epcot at Disney World so after Gram's birthday, we packed our bags and flew to Florida to check it out. We stayed at the Boardwalk Hotel in the park and ate our first day's breakfast outside! In March!
 Then we took the boat over to Epcot and took off for the 'big ball' in the park. HGTV was sponsoring a flower festival at Epcot so everything was blooming and beautiful; including lagoons full of floating tires filled with flowers.... And a butterfly garden
Our first ride was 'The Land 'where you get on a boat and they float you through the greenhouses where the newest methods in cutting edge aqua and agriculture are being developed. And then it was off to 'Soaring', a ride that makes you feel like you are flying over California.  When you fly over the orange groves, you can smell the oranges!

Next we tackled the dome to ride the Future World ride inside.  The line for the ride was over an hour long so I had lots of time to tak…