Winter At The Farm: A Photo Essay

Winter at the farm is difficult. Travel to and from is more difficult. The work is more difficult. Most of all, it's more difficult on the animals. Their water freezes, their produce freezes, the size of their pasture gets smaller, they have to huddle for warmth.  But despite all of these inconveniences, there is really no place more beautiful than a frosty morning at Heartland: (click to biggify)
 Beautiful snowy fields at 12°.
Phil sees his breath when he crows!
Did you SEE that??!
Why it's cold enough for chickens to stick together and make one big chicken with two bodies and one head!

 Frances and Amy are thankful that we put hay out. Grazing through the snow is hard!

Gracie nestles down in a patch of sun to enjoy the morning. Pretty girl!

Mischievious Beatrice and Maxine dare you to put your tongue on the fence!

Happy New Year!


MadCityMike said…
Happy New Year to you and all of your friends.......four legged, feathered, and otherwise! ;)