Friday, December 07, 2012

Navel Orange in a Bikini

When I first saw Donna Hornsby's 'Keenies' pattern I thought of this....and happened and I didn't get around to doing anything about it until today.  I was reminded again when The Diva asked us to use Keenie's in the challenge this week.  A little backstory...

When I was young, there was no computer, barely any TV (we lived in the wilds of Northern Maine where nothing much would come in except PBS out of Bangor and CBC out of Nova Scotia) and lots of quiet time. My friends and I would draw 'Guess What' pictures for each other. Often ones we had seen in the newspaper's weekend comic section.  They were REALLY STUPID but our pre-teen selves thought they were amazingly funny and scoured the paper and our imaginations for new ones to amaze and amuse each other.  Here are some fine examples:

Told ya. Not exactly rocket surgery but it was a way to pass some time.

So when I saw Keenees, I had a 'Guess What' flashback to one of my favorite ones:

This one was mildly R-rated for elementary school.  That's probably why we thought it was hilarious and why I remember it...along with some really great fart jokes.  Anyway...when I saw Keenees, the first thing I though was "OMGosh, those needs some tops.  Here is a quick and dirty (sic) version or my solution to the problem.
I think it's a complimentary/alternate design that could have it's moment, especially as the colder weather sets in and we dream of warmer climes.   Thanks for indulging my reminiscent ramblings and  letting me get Topz out of my head!

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Sara said...

Thanks for the giggles! I think that you should send this one in. You are so very clever!

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