Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Telling Yuletide Anecdote

Hmmm...I register that I have been under a fair amount of stress lately; what with the goings on at work, the food poisoning incident, the damaged shoulder, getting Christmas boxes out, and everything together so I can leave for a week etc., but I just had a very telling conversation with a couple of co-workers that brought home how it is truly affecting my state of mind.

I was expressing my woe at an annoying penchant that folks have of emailing me, 10 minutes after a meeting with them is supposed to start, to reschedule said meeting to a later time or another day entirely. As  many times as this has happened, I'm still not quick enough to catch on, so I loiter around the appointed meeting room for 15-20 minutes, waiting for the erstwhile person, before I think to check around to see where they are. Rude!  Rude! Rude! My coworkers' were having equally disrespectful annoyances hinder their day and so we were trading peeves.

Then one of the girls said, " There should be a club". 

I piped up, "Yeah! With nails in it!".

They both looked at me like I was a lunatic. They were talking about a club where we could have wine and chocolate, share our feeling and commiserate with each other. Very Kumbaya.

I, on the other hand, was ready to soundly thump people with a stick embedded with sharp and pointy objects. No discussion necessary.  Quick and efficient. With all I have on my plate, I don't have time to mess around.

I'm thinking I should maybe concentrate on enjoying the Christmas cheer a little more rather than getting so bogged down in the swale of details. Maybe some 'special eggnog' will help me de-stress.  If not, maybe there's a club.

PS-Not my drawing, although I'm flattered by the  folks who thought it was. It's a free clip art piece from the interwebs.


Susan said...

It is posts like this that remind me why I am much happier, retired. Your Baaa Humbug is fantastic. Hang it on your frig (and by the way, I would have thought of an actual club as well).

Sara said...

Chill with some yarn and chocolate tonight... I love your drawing!

Lisa/knitnzu said...

DH and I think this is hilarious.


I have a whip at work. Google duct tape bullwhip. It's a toy, but it makes a satisfying "crack" when you crack it (takes a bit of practice)... I put little bits of string with knots in them at the ends, 9 strings, 3 knots each, I call them the kitty9tails.

Outlook meeting requests are your friend. I swear, at least at work, if it isn't in my outlook calendar, I don't remember it. And, depending on what I know I'll be doing prior to the meeting, I may set the reminder to a longer time than 15 minutes (because the reminder could come while I'm away from my desk, and I'll get back to my desk half an hour into the meeting and see the reminder and say "OH F>>>>").

Barb said...

Ha! Your "club" idea is wicked good. Made me laugh out loud. Are going to Maine for Christmas? Have a great time there. It's so pretty there at Christmas time.

Amish Author Sicily Yoder said...

I like your drawing. One of my FB friends got food-poisoned too.

MadCityMike said...

As long as you remember the meetings and are present, then you have done your part. I agree that it is extremely rude on the non-shows, but that is their problem, and you shouldn't take their rudeness "into" your mindset. I know it is easy for me to say this since I am retired and don't have to deal with this type of stuff any longer, but YOU are in charge of YOUR life and schedule and if people don't show at the agreed upon time, then they are the ones who have to find a time when it fits into YOUR schedule. If a decision has to be made about something, then go ahead and make it.....if they don't like it, perhaps they will be at the next agreed upon meeting as they were supposed to be the first time. Don't enable their rudeness......why someone would think their time should be more important then yours is beyond me.
Shake the "stuff" (read a 4 letter word here) off and enjoy the season! ;)
Have a WONDERFUL trip!

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