Diva Challenge 76 and Aerial Maneuvers

OK. Confession time. I cheated on this week's Diva Challenge. I don't have a whole lot of time to spare this week. I'm working on some knitting commissions, and I have a work conference, and there's always the mountain of spinning...so my entry for this week's challenge, which is to tangle where you're from, is a couple of pieces I did a while back. But they fit the bill, so I'm going with that. I'm all about adapting on the fly this week. I love the idea of tangling where you're from.  I tend to do a lot of Maine designs because I love it so much.  It's beautiful and inspirational to me.

Here is a piece I did when I first started tangling.  I can't remember what that fish tangle along the bottom  was called, but I really like it. I was surprised that a  lot of people missed the moose the first time around!

And here is one that I did as a t-shirt design idea and entered it in the employee art show at work.

It's the second lobster I've done. The first one I filled only with tangles that reminded me of the ocean. That one is hanging in the Burton Gallery in Sacramento California (otherwise known as my Aunt Marion's living room). This one is filled with a little bit of everything. 

My baby swallows are all grown up!  Yesterday all but one began practicing aerial maneuvers from the eaves to the tree out on the lawn and back.  The airspace over the patio got quite crowded.  The last little guy has made it out of the nest and is crouched on his belly on the overhang so I suspect today he'll 'bird up' and earn his wings just like his four siblings. 

Ben, naturally, is terrified of them. They don't help to alleviate his fear by dive-bombing him as he comes out the door. He's having a difficult time getting his potty business done. It's hard to pee when you are only 2 inches off the ground, cowering for your life. I hate to tell him but after this batch is gone, there is another batch ready to hatch in the next in the other corner of the patio. Best to just hang with my theme of adapting on the fly!


ledenzer said…
Maine...wow, I would love to get there one day. I love the crab and to tangle your state....genius!
Anonymous said…

I feel like we're on a parallel universe. I love to tangle (and eat) obsters and just submitted one to our work place art show. Great minds!!!

Dilip Patel said…
Very well done! Brilliant.
I love these! And I used that fish pattern in my entry too - it's so sweet.
Dianne said…
I see the moose! I love it! Your crab is awesome, too:) Great post, thanks for the look into your home:)
Sue Clark said…
Love both of your pieces! That moose is really cool! Sounds like an awesome place to live.
Jay said…
I also love Maine...even though I live in and love Texas! We try to get to the Northwest whenever we can...Maine is so unique...clean..breathtaking! and I love your tiles showing your beautiful state!
Jay said…
Whoops!!! I do really know my directions!! I meant to say the NorthEAST!!! Sorry!
Jessica Sporn said…
wow! love your lobster especially. Well done.
Judi said…
Wow, great tangling. It really looks like what I think of Maine.
Amma said…
I love both of your pieces and they speak Maine to me.
master bedroom said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
How cool is this?? I tangled my state too; great minds and all. And I love your lobster, which happens to be one of my favorite foods.
Gloria said…
This is really so much fun! I guess you can miss the moose when you are looking so intently at all the designs. Really nice lights and darks. The lobster is so great!

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